The four best applications to follow football results

Football is the king of sports in many countries, and every year, we can see how the level of the teams in the big leagues is equalizing. If you look back, you will remember how, for example, Manchester United and Real Madrid won their respective leagues practically without disheveled. Something that, fortunately, does not usually happen, not even in FIFA.

This has caused the league championship to be played between more teams, and football fans to show more interest in parties with less sign. But, as you will know if you like football, sometimes it is very difficult to be aware of all the games played on the same day. Not to mention the league tables, with which we always end up confusing.

Today we are going to show you the four best applications to follow the results of football – all with best in options – so you do not have to ask again how a match has been.

The four best applications to follow football results

Soccer results

The first of these applications is called Soccer Results, that simple. This application, like all of them, allows you to select your favorite teams and leagues to personalize your experience with the application. However, the differential point is that you can easily visualize only the games that your country’s teams play in, as well as show you on which television network you will be able to see them. Something very useful when planning.


FotMob has a design very similar to Football Results, although their ads are less intrusive. It also has a feed in which will show quick information of your favorite equipment. Its differential point is that it offers very detailed statistics, both for the teams and for the matches. A delight for lovers of numbers.


In Williamhill, we will find the cleanest and simplest interface of all. We simply find a screen where we can see all the games that are played today, as well as the possibility to see only the matches that your favorite teams play. For what stands Willamhill offers you excite your game by bet on your favorite team or player. Williamhill apps almost instantly rise to the scoreboard. What makes it the best option to follow matches that you cannot see.


Finally, OneFootball is an application that, although it does not stand out for a differential point like the rest, stands out for its intuitive and simple use. You choose your favorite teams and leagues, and depending on your preferences, it shows you news, rumors and upcoming matches. The best option if you do not want to complicate your life. In addition, its notification system works excellently well.

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