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Mingling with Celebrities: How to be a Fashion Consultant

Working as a Fashion Consultant, as expected, is as glamorous as how it appears in the magazines. You get to rub shoulders with celebrities all day long and have the inside scoop on fashion and beauty trends. However, the expertise needed to pull this job off requires hard work and dedication unmatched by any other profession.

Christine Centenera, the senior fashion editor of Vogue Australia and freelance fashion consultant, has Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, and Kusbi in her list of clients. Known for her intelligent and sexy sense of style, she is one of the hidden gems in the industry where one’s image is everything. To start as a fashion consultant, you need at least to take some basic fashion courses, health and beauty courses, and fashion merchandising. Nobody starts at the top; everyone starts at the bottom. There are a few things you can do to assure your success in this business.

Know the Job and the Industry

Hairstyling and makeup application are not easy jobs to do, especially for special occasions. There are many things to consider, like type of the event or whether it is going to be held at night. All aspects of your hairstyle and makeup should work well with the event type. Plus, they should also suit your attire and body type.

Starting at the bottom is never easy. For starters, try working with clients who want a wardrobe overhaul to coincide with a new life goal, life stage, or career. During the wedding season, work with different clients to ensure the success of their special day. Proms are also a great way to advertise your services. Work with a group of high schoolers to make their prom a uniquely special night. Style their hair and help them use the appropriate makeup for the occasion. 

Develop Skills and Knowledge

You need industry-specific skills to become successful in this industry. Being fashion conscious and passionate about styling people is essential. You must be willing to collaborate with other professionals in the fashion industry to obtain some samples to add to your collection, which needs good communication skills and tons of charisma. Research also needs to be done in new beauty and health techniques. Your approach must be tailored to suit the client’s personality, but also has your unique touch to it. Know the Pantone Color System, which dictates the colour of the year for the fashion industry.

Dressing well is also critical. Customers will often judge how good you are at your job based on your appearance. If you can’t dress well, how can you hope to improve their fashion sense? 

Build Your Brand

Fashion consultants advertise their services based on appearance, resources, and brand connections. They can all be presented as a package in your professional portfolio. You want to show a collection of your best work, just like any artist. In the world of social media, an online portfolio is the best way to succeed in this aspect of the business.

To succeed in this industry, you must have a brand. For famous designers, their brands are already established. Their names automatically evoke a response from consumers. The brand must be a cohesive style that brings your consultancy business together.

Joining the fashion industry will not be a simple task. Besides the considerable number of fashion courses and health and beauty courses that you need to complete, keeping up-to-date with fashion trends is a must. However hard this job is, it is definitely fulfilling. Helping people realise their dreams is not something to scoff at; it is something to be celebrated.

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