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How to Write an Effective Article Title


Without a doubt, the most important part of any article that you publish on your blog is the article title or headline that you use. It’s the one factor that ultimately determines whether or not your article gets read and for many, including myself, is the most difficult to write…

That is until I discovered the sneaky little secret that many successful bloggers and article writers use for generating titles and headlines that almost guarantee their articles and product sales letters get read…

What is this secret you ask? For write an effective article title

The secret technique they use is to take previously successful headlines or titles and to simply adapt them to suit whatever they are writing about. This usually is in the form of having what is called a “Swipe File” which is basically a list of 100’s of a successful headline and title templates…

To give you a basic understanding of the process that the majority of successful writers and copywriters go through in producing effective titles and headlines for their products and articles I’ve included 3 real-life examples below:

1. The Ultimate Benefit Method for write an effective article title

It’s much easier to come up with some really good article title once you can figure out the ultimate benefit that your article or blog post provides the reader. The secret is to spend a considerable amount of time thinking about this “Ultimate Benefit” that you’ll be providing to the reader and and then include it into your article title or headline…

Ultimately a title that is centered around the most appealing benefit stands a far greater chance of attracting interest and attention than any non benefit title that you write…

Here’s a few real life examples of article title that provide the reader with the “Ultimate Benefit” that they will get from reading the article or blog post…

“How To Quickly & Easily Get All The Credit You’ve Ever Wanted — 100% Guaranteed!

“Discover The Secrets For Creating Your Own Best Selling Info Product In A Single Evening”

“Discover 7 Quick & Easy Formulas For Writing Super Responsive Classified Ads”

Effective Article Title

2. The Borrow It Method for write an effective article title

One easy way to put together an effective title for an article that your writing for your blog or for an article that your going to submit to article directories is to borrow ideas and formats from other successful titles and adapt them to suit whatever your writing about. I don’t mean simply copying somebody else’s but to just take the successful components and adapt them into your own…

What many people don’t realize is that this technique is used by the majority of very successful writers and copywriters for creating profitable headlines and titles for their own and their clients products…. Read more How An Seo Resellers Benefits From Article Marketing

Here’s 3 real life examples that use the “Borrow It” approach…

Original Headline Or Title: “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano But When I Started To Play!”

Adaption Headline: “They Laughed When I Sat Down At The Piano. They Stopped When I Picked It Up” (Used by Gold’s Gym)

Original Headline Or Title: “To People Who Want To Write – But Can’t Get Started”

Adaption Headline: “To People Who Want To Own A Beautiful House – But Can’t Get Started With A Regular Savings Plan”

Original Headline Or Title: “10 Ways To Lose Extra Weight And Keep It Off”

Adaption Headline: “3 Ways To Rid Your Home Of Pests And Keep Them Away For Good”

3. Fill In The Blanks Method for write an effective article title

This technique is amazingly simple to use and can be a lot of fun once you’ve decided the ultimate benefit that your article or post provides the reader. All you need to do is take any of the sample provided below and adapt them for your own use by filling in the blanks…

You can adapt literally any successful titles you find anywhere by using the same principle!

a) How To…

How To ________ (get, have, acquire, own, profit from etc) __________ (biggest benefit)

For Example:

“How To Solve All Your Money Problems Forever”

“How To Make $87,000 Per Year As A Magazine Writer”

“How To Easily Get All The Credit You Could Ever Want”

a) Secrets Of…

The Secrets Of _________ (biggest benefit)

For Example:

“The Secrets Of Living In Style Without Any Money Worries”

“The Secret To Getting All The Credit You Ever Wanted – Even If You’ve Been Bankrupt”

You can also use the fill in the blanks approach to writing effective headlines by inserting the “biggest benefit” your article, blog post or product provides into the following:

The Complete Program For ________

The Complete Guide To ________

The Quick And Easy Way To ________

________ For Fun And Profit

As you can see from the above 3 examples, writing effective article title or headlines for your products sales page is not as hard as you first may think. It simply means taking previously successful templates and adapting them to suit whatever your writing about…

How do you personally write titles for your own blog posts ?

Please leave any suggestions you have for others in the comments section below!

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Catch you later 🙂

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