Schools in Victorian times

The Victorian period is viewed with somewhat mixed feelings by our modern eyes. In some cases it was an incredible force for good. The British Empire was at its height and the industrial and technological advances that it was making were to go on to shape the modern world that we live in today. The attitude that anything could be achieved has stood the country, and Europe and the West world, well. However, there is a darker side to the Victorian times that is becoming more and more acknowledged. This was in regard to the total lack of care and support for the poorest or even the most basic working class of people in the country at the time and the places it conquered. One of these examples is the Victorian school. Read more about Schools in Victorian times

learn to program

8 ideal languages ​​to learn to program from scratch

Many people believe that a programming language only serves to program. It is a big mistake. Learning a language prepares you to solve the problems of daily life. It will not only help you in your day to day, but you can even make a living from it.

Even at the risk of sinning immodestly, let us tell you one of the most important things you are going to hear today: learning to program is not just computer science; it is also a life lesson. Therefore, we have compiled these programming languages to learn how to program from scratch. Read more about 8 ideal languages ​​to learn to program from scratch