aloe vera plant

Aloe Vera plant see why it is so important in our life

Aloe vera plant or aloe, as many know it, is a somewhat strange looking plant, very similar to cacti, but with potential medicinal properties . In ancient times it was very used by the Egyptians and was called ” the plant of immortality “, because not only did it cure many diseases, but it also acted positively on the skin of people, rejuvenating it and ending with all kinds of imperfections. There are too many reasons to have aloe in your home and we want to mention the most important ones today.

Reasons to always have an Aloe Vera plant

Composition of aloe vera plant

aloe vera plant

The aloe vera plant is endowed with beta carotene, vitamins A, all the group B, C, iron, calcium zinc, sodium, copper, manganese, potassium and chromium. On the other hand, the antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, analgesic and antifungal properties of this plant make it special to treat all types of ailments, whether mild or really chronic. There are different recipes and methods that include aloe, everything depends on the discomfort that is intended to fight.

Lemon, parsley and aloe juice for gastritis

aloe vera plant

You need to beat the juice of a lemon, a few branches of parsley and a glass of aloe vera plant in your blender for a few minutes, so that all the ingredients are unified and you obtain a totally homogeneous and easy to ingest juice . It is not necessary that you sweeten it, you should only pour the remedy into a glass and drink it on an empty stomach every day for a month .

Aloe vera crystal to eliminate scars

aloe vera plant

Take the stalk of the plant, remove the skin and wash the glass well, making sure to remove all the iodine that this plant has. Then, place the glass in the area where you have the scar and cover it with gauze or cotton, you can leave it for a few hours and then wash the area with plenty of water.

Syrup for colds

aloe vera plant

It is very likely that nobody likes this remedy, but it is necessary to consume it to end the cold. You have to liquefy the aloe together with the juice of a lemon, a little honey and a spoonful of baking soda . The syrup should be consumed every 8 hours for a week.

Ointment for hemorrhoids

aloe vera plant

Take the aloe vera crystal and crush it and then mix it with calendula oil . This remedy you will place in the area where you have hemorrhoids every day, you will feel relief from the first application.

The stretch marks disappear

aloe vera plant

Chill the aloe for about 2 or 3 hours , then you will place several pieces on the parts of your body where you have more stretch marks. Read more How to remove eyebrows at home

Improves the appearance of the skin

aloe vera plant

Blend a penny of aloe with half a cup of honey , you will get as a result a thick cream that you will apply on your face every night for 20 minutes , then wash your face with plenty of warm water and repeat the procedure for a month until your imperfections Facials have disappeared.

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