Cleaning Natural Stone 5 DIY Ways

The use of natural stone for surfaces in your home or commercial space has grown in popularity over the years due to its durability, versatility and overall aesthetic appeal. Natural stone is beautiful and provides an organic, elegant look to any room, however, if your natural stone surface is not maintained or well-cared for, you will soon notice that it will become dull and lose elements of its aesthetic beauty. There are many different types of natural stones that can be used around your home and if you follow our simple yet detailed guide, you will take your surfaces to the next level in no time.

This article will arm you with all the necessary tools, techniques, tips, tricks and advice so you can clean your natural stone-like expert. Here are 5 DIY Ways To Cleaning Your Natural Stone:

  1. Use Natural Cleaners

It is important to maintain the cleanliness of your natural stone surfaces on a regular basis to reduce unnecessary wear and tear and damage. Using more natural solutions for cleaning your surfaces is affordable and will be strong enough to remove stains and marks but remains gentle enough as to not damage the look, feel and vibrancy of your natural stone. Warm soapy water will generally do the trick and you will not have to spend copious amounts of money on expensive harsh chemicals.

  1. Use Soft Cleaning Tools

The use of a soft cloth or steam mop to remove any unwanted stains or marks left behind on your natural stone surfaces. No matter where your natural stone is located, countertops or flooring, it is essential to not use harsh bristles or equipment during the cleaning process as they may scratch and cause further damage instead of the intended results that you are trying to achieve.

  1. Sealing Your Natural Stone

Sealing your natural stone is the best way to ensure its protection against scratches, marks, and damage. This can significantly reduce how often you need to maintain and clean your countertops and flooring and give you peace of mind. The application of Natural Stone Sealant will not only maintain and even enhance the appearance of your surface but also repels against stains and other unwanted markings.

Applying a sealant on your natural stone will also increase its longevity and overall lifespan.

  1. Do Not Allow Build Up

When you see a stain or leftover residue, clean it up immediately. Overlooking, neglecting and leaving stains unattended will allow for the build-up and for the marks to become more deeply ingrained and etched into your surface. By being vigilant or even preventing stains by using items such as coasters is the best way to avoid damage.

  1. Ensure Your Surface Is Dry 

Once you have cleaned your natural stone surface, it is of the utmost importance to ensure that you thoroughly dry your countertops or flooring. This is essential because soapy water, agents or chemicals can leave a thin layer of film or leftover residue that sits on top of your surface and creates streaks, spots and evolves into builds up over time. It is crucial to ensure that after cleaning, you take a soft cloth and thoroughly dry it before moving on.

Natural Stone is a wonderful way to decorate your home and add an elegant, unique touch to your surfaces. Whether you are using granite, limestone, marble, slate, sandstone, or travertine, all these natural stones need to be cleaned and maintained to ensure they don’t lose their luster and vibrance. If you are looking for expert advice when it comes to the integrity of your home and the ability to install natural stone within your home contact Building Inspections Melbourne. There are many areas in your house or commercial space which provide appropriate locations for natural stone. Whether it is your bathroom, kitchen, foyer, natural stone for your flooring and countertops are an incredible solution as long as you make sure you properly maintain and clean them. Areas of high traffic or high contact may require more frequent cleaning and attention to avoid residue build-up which can evolve into more severe damage down the line. Use our simple and easy tips and techniques to take your surfaces to the next level!

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