How Timber Handrails Are Made

Timber has long been a beloved building material. It can be used for a lot of projects, including building beautiful handrails. Brisbane timber hand rails are a very popular choice for several reasons. They cannot be surpassed by other wood materials because they offer versatility, warmth, and sturdiness that others cannot. These are important features, especially when you are building something as important as a handrail. It needs to be safe and durable for those who use them.

When it comes to timber handrails, they can be made with a sleek, modern or rustic look and feel. They can be crafted in a way that they match any office, home or building. They offer an organic and dependable option for handrails that many children and elderly rely on to get safely up and down a set of stairs. The handrails can also play a crucial role in the feel and look of your home or apartment. This is why it is important to spend time choosing the design and materials you want them to be created.

Even though handrails can be custom-made using a variety of building materials and other wood types, timber offers warmth and elegance that has no match. The look of them is timeless and they offer a natural and light feel. Timber is also easy to maintain and clean. You can easily change the look by adding a fresh coat of paint or stain. This is often not possible or difficult when you have handrails made with metal or other types of wood.

Timber Handrails Are A Long-Standing Popular Choice

If you know anything about design trends, you will understand how timber handrails and other projects have remained popular. Not much has changed with its popularity in the last 50 or more years. This is proof that they are timeless and the quality and durability of the wood are unmatched. Metal handrails are complex to install and keep clean. Timber will never go out of fashion.

Benefits Of Using Timber Handrails For Your Stairs

  • Unique Look And Feel

Wood is always an ideal material to make your handrails and home feel welcoming. Unlike metal and iron rails that can be sterile and cold, wood stair rails are easy to customize for a unique look and feel. They can be easily painted, stained, carved and designed to fit your style.

  • Safety

Handrails give the benefit of making stairs safer to use. When going up and down the stairs, holding onto the handrail can allow you to travel faster and more safely. Even for young, healthy adults who use stairs every day, a handrail is still a good option to have on your stairs.

  • Stability

Stability goes hand and hand with safety. It is almost impossible for most people to go up and down the stairs with stability unless they are using a handrail. Even if you don’t use the handrail, it can be a good safety net to prevent a dangerous fall.

  • A Balancing Act

Some people have vision, coordination and balancing problems. This can make using stairs very risky. However, the addition of timber handrails can add a way to enable people to balance themselves while using stairs.

  • Comfort

Timber handrails add comfort in ways other wood handrails cannot. The comfort can also add to the experience.

Types of Timber Handrails

  • Blackbutt– This type of timber handrail has an even texture to it. Even though it is typically straight, the grain may be interlocked to make it best for use with applications such as joinery, handrails, and flooring.
  • Kwila– Once the wood is cut from the tree, it initially appears to be an orange-brown to yellowish-brown color. After some time, it ends up deepening into a dark red and brown color that looks great for many applications, including handrails.

Most people have not given a lot of thought to handrails for stairs. However, they have an important role to play when it comes to people’s safety. An added benefit is that you can get handrails that are customized for your home and style preference. Timber is a great choice when you consider all of the benefits above. You can easily match them to your home, apartment or office.

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