Spring And Summer Tips To Give Your Home A Fresh Face In 2022

This time of year is all about spring cleaning for many of us. This is the time of year when we fling open the windows, get the duster out and sweep away the cobwebs of a cold, dark, wet winter spent indoors. There is something so satisfying about this process, and it is a spiritual act as much as it is a practical one. Yes, you are making sure that all the dirt, dust, and grime that you may have missed in the last few months are finally being banished, but you are also making a statement. This is the start of brighter things to come.

And let’s face it, we all need a bit of that boost that a fresh feeling can give us right now. The winter has been incredibly difficult, and we are all worrying about the rising cost of living and how it is going to impact us going forward. We have seen so many named storms in the last few months that most of us have completely lost track. But brighter days are ahead, and the sunshine is finally here. If you have spent the last few months sitting indoors getting bored and frustrated with the way your home looks and feels, then it is high time that you think about how you can give it a fresh face. Here are some tips to help you get started.

Think Outside The Box

When we move into a new home, we tend to be in an incredible rush. We will have been through an incredibly stressful and difficult property search (unless you have been spectacularly lucky), and there will have been a rush to get everything moved from one property to another. Factoring in all the stress about moving expenses and the race to get everything set up, from the energy bills to the broadband, you will have done very well if you managed to get anything in the way of the home redesign.

One of the great advantages of planning changes to your property in the spring is that you have so much more light to work with, which is an invaluable tool when you are trying to think outside the box. For example, are you really happy with the way your home is laid out right now? Would you rather the sitting room was the dining room? Is your home office really necessary now that we are heading back into the office, or could it work as a rec room or home gym? Practical considerations can be worried about later. This stage is all about thinking big and letting go of how you think your home ought to look.

Windows And Exteriors Have A Big Part To Play

It may sound a little cliché to talk about the exterior of a house when we are talking about giving it a fresh face, but what better way to go about things? So many of us take our exteriors for granted when we move into a new property. We will repaint windowsills when they start to become cracked, and we will make a mental note to fix anything that is clogged or broken, but most of us underestimate the difference that working on how your home looks from the outside can have. It can be as simple as trying some new colours for your window frames and your front door, or hanging a flowerpot. Think about adding some exterior lighting or play around with adding some more wildlife to your front lawn. These small steps can really have a tremendous impact, especially when you are returning home after a long day at work.

And when it comes to windows, it is not all about the exteriors. You will be amazed by how much difference replacing old blinds can have. We often settle for what is already there when we move into a new property, but there is no reason you need to keep living with those old bathroom blinds if you do not like them. Lifestyle Blinds has an amazing range of blinds from motorised to cordless, Venetian to wooden, and you can find out more at lifestyleblinds.com

What Kind Of Kitchen Have You Always Wanted?

If you asked ten people which room in their house they most wanted to change, you would have to put good money on around nine of those people answering, “the kitchen.” The longer we stay in a home, the more things we find to dislike about our kitchens. But it is also true that the longer we stay somewhere, the more inclined we are to just sit there and live with it. With the spring coming in, this is the perfect excuse to tackle some of those projects that have been on your list for a long time and where better to start than with the kitchen?

Maybe you have been dreaming of installing some marble counter tops? Or maybe you want to rip the old sink out entirely and put in a new one? A lot of people out there have a kitchen island near the top of their wish lists, or maybe you want to upgrade your appliances? There are few more frustrating things than an oven that simply will not do what it says it will, or a fridge that does not have enough room for your needs. Giving your kitchen a facelift may not be the cheapest home redesign activity, but it is one of the ones that will give you the most satisfaction when it is finished.

Get Out Into The Garden

Now that the spring is finally here, this is when we can really start to make the most of our outdoor spaces. We all know how big an impact sunshine can have on our mental health but starting a big gardening project can also be hugely beneficial. If you have not had a lot of experience with gardening, then the good news is that there are plenty of easy places that you can start. Think about what kind of plants you like, whether they are flowers or if you want to try growing your own vegetables and look for what will grow well in your garden. Remember that you need to know how much sunlight and how much moisture these plants are going to get.

On the other hand, maybe you want to make your garden more attractive for birds and other wildlife. Garden birds have been having a very hard time recently, and we always need to be looking for ways that we can support our bees. A birdbath or hanging bird feeders are always good ways to entice our feathered friends into our gardens, but bushes that attract insects are also important. For bees, make sure that you are putting in brightly coloured flowers and big enough plants to support their weight. Alternatively, you could think about how you could turn your green space into something more formally pleasing, by installing a garden path or even a Japanese-style rock garden. Remember that the garden is your blank slate to work with, so think big!

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