What types of surface treatments are available

Surface treatments are a part of a process to help provide protection for a number of different metal items. These treatments help to prevent rust, corrosion and wear and tear from occurring on the surface of the metal. When these types of damage occur to the metal, they can lead to structural issues as well as being aesthetically unpleasing.  There are professional companies like poeton.co.uk that provide these kinds of treatments, and there are a number of different types available depending on what the material of the object is and what the desired outcome will be.

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There are essentially two different stages to applying surface treatments. The first stage is cleaning the surface of the item, and the second is the application of the coating. Cleaning takes place by removing oil and impurities as well as any foreign substances that are found on the surface. This can be done by generally cleaning the surface or by using a method such as blasting. The cleaning that is undertaken will depend very much on the material that has been used in the item, as well as its overall condition.

In some cases, after the surface has been cleaned, it will need to be polished. This is needed when the surface is uneven, as this can make it difficult to add a surface treatment layer. As well as mechanical polishing which usually uses a grinding stone or brush, chemical polishing and electropolishing can also be used.

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Once the surface is ready for treatments, this can be done through any of the following:

Painting – this is one of the simplest ways to add a surface treatment and will require a layer of paint to be added. The type of paint that is used and the number of coats required will vary. The paint can be added by using spray paint or electrostatic painting methods.

Plating – this is where a film of metal is added to the surface of the item. It provides additional coverage that will form a protective layer. Again there are a number of ways that this can be done, and they include chemical plating and electroplating.

Heat treatment – these result in the surface of the item hardening, which gives a protective edge to the item. These treatments can include surface quenching and charcoal burning.

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