How to create a New Romantic style with lighting and decor

There’s more to lighting your home than simply popping a bulb into a fitting. Our décor can affect our mood, set the tone and reflect our personality. So, if you’re looking for a fresh aesthetic, why not consider the New Romantic style?

New Romantic aesthetics takes us back to the 50’s through to the 70’s. It encompasses soft and warm touches with a focus on golden hues and accents. It’s a luxury look and easy to implement.

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The type of material to consider includes marble, gold and brass combined with a touch of velvet for total glam! Velvet accessories can be included with cushion covers, curtains, lampshades or armchairs, for example.

Choosing a soft colour will also help in making the room look more spacious, as well as more relaxing and soothing. Perfect for a living room or bedroom. To set off with lighting, consider a layered effect with a mix of different types of lighting. This could include an overhead fitting, standing lamps or wall sconces with dimmer switches. Don’t forget to set off lighting fixtures with a stylish Ceiling Rose from Creative Cables

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Consider a golden ceiling rose and other metallic elements to reflect more light around the room. These can be incorporated with table legs, candle holders or table lamps, for example. Gold and metallics exude luxury, extravagance and sophistication. Combined with the soft, warm colours and you’ll benefit from a comfortable interior with heaps of character.

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