What hoverboard to buy?

Today, especially in big cities, Hoverboards are being seen more and more. It seems that it is not a fad, and is that, these gadgets have come to stay … The reasons? We are going to list them for you.

  1. First of all, they have a very interesting point of leisure, and that is that it is still a very fun toy for both adults and children. To go outside to learn how to use it with family and friends or just go for a walk.
  2. On the other hand, it also has an important functional weight, as an alternative means of transport, to the subway, bus, bicycle, or even car, especially in cities for routes of eight to ten kilometers.
  3. It is ecological since we help the environment by being electric, they do not generate any emission of CO2 or of any other type, in addition to saving us traffic jams and parking problems by decongesting more vehicles in the city.
  4. It is easy to transport, they have transport bags as it is on two wheels, it is not very bulky or heavy, which allows you to take the hoverboard anywhere if necessary.
  5. Enjoy the colorful hoverboard: you can find the red, pink, white, blue, black, yellow … and some models already have  LEDs,  speakers, and  Bluetooth connections.

How does a Hoverboard work?

Understanding how an electric hoverboard works can be a scary thing at first. By not having a handlebar and seat, it may, at first sight, cause our rejection. However, they are very easy to control since they have an automatic balancing system that allows us to maintain our center of gravity.

It is a gyroscopic and self-balancing system, when you place your feet on the pads of the hoverboard, the electronic system that characterizes it begins to perform more than 100 measurements per second to balance the driver with the skate as if it were one alone. That’s why it’s important to keep your hips as straight as possible and lean forward or backward so that the hoverboard detects the direction you want. To turn you will only have to apply a little pressure on the pads on the side you want to turn on, without sudden movements, you will turn naturally and automatically.

Tips when choosing the Best Hoverboard

If you are interested in acquiring the best hoverboard in the world, pay attention because with these tips we may help you get out of that sea of ​​doubts. From here we want to guide you with these 6 main factors to pay attention to before making the purchase, they are:

  1. The capacity and duration of the battery: This factor can be considered one of the most important since it will determine the quality of the battery which affects the speed at which you will be able to go, the distance you will travel, and the time of load. The cheapest Hoverboards can travel a maximum distance of 15 km, it also depends on the type of terrain and your own weight. The highest quality up to 25 km away. This can vary depending on our body weight, the slope of the terrain, and the type of surface.
  2. Necessary recharge time. Likewise, the charging duration usually varies from 2 hours or even up to 4 hours.
  3. The weight they can carry. Our own weight will directly affect the battery life and the maximum speed it will reach. Normally the maximum weight they support is 100 kg.
  4. The speed you can reach. These electrical appliances, depending on the quality of the motor and the battery, can reach a maximum of 10 kilometers per hour and a minimum of 2. This, as I said before, can also depend on the slope, the type of terrain, and our own weight.
  5. Hoverboard size and weight. It is a factor to take into account if you plan to carry it or carry it in the transport bag for a long time. The weight ranges between 10 and 15 kg.
  6. Extras. Some of the additions to take into account are the LED lights, as a decoration of different colors and in different places of the device, and the Bluetooth connection with which you can connect your mobile phone and play music while you are using it.

How much are Hoverboards priced?

The cheapest hoverboard models range between € 100 and € 200, it may be more than enough for those who want to make recreational and leisure use rather than for a functional utility when using it as a means of transport.

The higher-end models can be a bit more expensive, they will be able to reach more speed, support more weight and the battery will last longer. But as we say, most people only use it occasionally so it is not worth making a large investment and with the cheapest models, it will be more than enough to fully enjoy these electrical appliances and all their functions. Click here to find out hoverboards under $100 on amazon.

Are Hoverboards Safe?

Despite the electronic self-balancing and gyroscope system, we must always take into account several factors.

  • It is advisable to always wear a helmet and knee pads, even though we are expert hoverboard pilots there are always risk factors that we cannot control, such as a defect in the road that we have not seen someone suddenly crossing …
  • Be respectful of other people if we are circulating on pedestrian streets and respect vehicles and traffic signs if we are on the road.
  • When we go on top of a hoverboard we have to bear in mind that we are driving an electric vehicle and the ultimate responsibility falls on us. As long as we drive responsibly, there should be no problem.

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