Cook Outdoors This Summer

4 Ways to Cook Outdoors This Summer

If you love cooking outdoors when the temperature allows, you may be wondering how you can try something a little different this year and experiment with a brand-new way of cooking. It can be tempting to just host a traditional barbeque with concoctions that you are confident your guests will know and love, but by thinking outside of the box, you can deliver the wow factor and treat your diners to a truly unique culinary experience from the comfort of your own home. To familiarise yourself with ways to cook outdoors this summer, continue reading.

  1. A clay oven

If you love nothing more than tucking into a tandoori dish bursting with exotic flavours and spices, a tandoor from Baba Clay Oven can allow you to replicate your favourite meals at home. It can preserve the natural juices that are contained within meat during the cooking process for a juicy and flavoursome experience that you, and your guests, are unlikely to forget for years to come. This can also allow you to save a considerable amount of time with clay ovens known for cooking food in the least amount of time possible. Clay ovens can serve as a thorough method of cooking that doesn’t rely on gas or electricity and, as a result, produces zero waste.

  1. A cast iron oven

If you like to treat your food like a labour of love by being able to taste the cooking process with every bite, cooking outdoors with hot coals this summer can expose you to a true flavour sensation with every mouthful. It works best with food that doesn’t require a direct flame, such as steak, potatoes, and vegetables, with a cast iron oven perhaps the most popular choice amongst homeowners when it comes to cooking with hot coals outdoors. This can also be an effective method of keeping food warm with the option to keep the fire burning underneath for a constant heat source that can last as little or as long as you want.

  1. A solar oven 

If you know what the word solar means, you will understand why it is a practical heat source that can be used to cook food. It is, essentially, heat that is derived or associated with the sun and is extremely cost-effective for a quick and easy way to cook food outdoors with a solar oven regardless of whether you are camping, hosting a fun-filled garden party, or just trying something a little different. This is also one of the most environmentally friendly options available to you when it comes to cooking outdoors this summer with no need for gas or electricity which will lower your carbon footprint as well as your contribution to global warming.

  1. A pit oven 

If you want to get up close and personal with mother nature whilst cooking a delicious meal outdoors this summer, a pit oven should be your first choice. It is, in the simplest of terms, a pit that has been dug into the ground with a fire built directly in the pit until it turns into coals or hot rocks. To cook with a pit oven, simply place the desired ingredients into the pit, cover with leaves or aluminium foil, and cover with a layer of loose soil.

If you are looking to get adventurous and cook outdoors this summer, there are a number of options available to you. This includes investing in a clay oven, purchasing a cast iron oven, constructing a solar oven, or building a pit oven for a truly immersive, hands-on, and unique dining experience that you or your guests are unlikely to ever forget.

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