10 Chic Ways to Decorate With Mirrors to Elevate Your Space

Adding life, light, and an airy feel to your home space is no easy feat. A simple way to achieve this look and feel in your home is by utilizing the power of mirrors in your décor. Look no further for our top 10 chic ways to decorate with mirrors in order to elevate your space.

If you’re thinking about listing your home for the spring market, but don’t want to fuss with doing upgrades or home staging, consider selling your home as is. This is a great way to sell your property fast, and a way to leave big repairs to your buyer.

For those of us looking to enjoy our humble abodes for years to come, keep reading to learn more about chic ways to decorate your space with mirrors!

1) Go Opposite

In order to bounce light around your room, a great tip for decorating with mirrors is to place the mirror opposite of a window. This allows the light source to reflect off your mirror and brighten the entire space. This is a great trick to maximize and echo light in any room.

2) Mirror Your Backsplash

A fun and unique way to utilize mirrors in your interior design is by adding a mirrored backsplash to your wet bar or kitchen. The chic look will add elegance, interest, and you guessed it, brighten the look of your room with a pretty light-reflecting effect.

3) Mirrored Furniture

Add mirrors in an unexpected way by selecting accent furniture pieces with mirrored designs. This is a subtle way to get an airy look to any space while still utilizing mirrors.

4) Last Look

A classic way to decorate your home entryway with a mirror is to add a full-length option as a last look before you step out the door. This not only opens your entry space, but it also adds functionality for your everyday life.

5) Play with Style

Add chic décor to your space using mirrors by playing with the style of the glass and frame. Antique glass delivers a different vibe to your space than a sleek and modern design. Whatever style strikes you, have fun mixing up textures with mirrors in your space.

6) Reflective Accessories

Decorate your space in a chic way by selecting reflective, mirrored accessories. Think of adding a mirrored vase to your mantle filled with playful pops of colorful florals or add a mirrored tray at the center of your coffee table for a light-bouncing touch.

7) Gallery Your Mirrors

Treat mirrors like artwork by creating a gallery wall of various mirror designs. Play with shape, size, and texture to create an effortlessly chic look to your room.

8) Go Big

Adding a large mirror over your mantle or in the master bedroom can create a chic impact on a big scale. Once your mirror is in place, try adding additional décor below it to reflect the design for a playful, eye-catching look.

9) Try a Trio

Try adding a trio of mirrors on a single wall for added interest in your space. A good rule-of-thumb when decorating is to keep things in groups of three for a more appealing look. Apply this rule to your mirrors and you’ll have a winning design.

10) Properly Hang

It’s important when decorating with mirrors that you properly and safely hang the mirrors on your walls. A small, hammered nail won’t cut it. Use proper wall hooks or picture hangers to ensure stability.

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