Before completing building work

Before completing building work

Get everything in order before you start a build project and it will save a lot of time, anxiety and cash. Taking such a methodical approach should also mean you can avoid potential problems with contractors or builders and plumbers etc.

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Check whether you need a permit or approval

You may need to get more than one type of permission or consent before continuing to work in your home.

Always check:

establish the rules – you might need this approval even for minor repairs, such as replacing windows or doors

planning permission – you usually need this to build something new or make major changes, such as an extension

If you do not use a contractor who is registered with a competent person scheme, you must send a notice of the building or a complete package of applications to the Building Control Agency. You also have to pay a fee for them to come and inspect the work you have done. Find trustworthy Construction Companies Manchester. Piggott and Whitfield are a construction company in Manchester you can trust.

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If you need to get approval or permission

You may need to pay for the services of an architect or surveyor to help you apply for building regulations or planning permission. If you have difficulty paying for this, please visit your local Citizens Advice and ask about applying for Chartered Surveyors Voluntary Service.

Protected areas – when residing in a conservation zone, you should contact the local council before carrying out any building work on your home.


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