Quick facts about Dementia that you should know.

None of us want to think about Dementia particularly but rather than fear it to know what it is can help to demystify it a bit. Here are some very quick facts that we all should be aware of.

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  1. Dementia affects the brain by weakening Memory, your judgement plus the ability to think clearly and your speech.
  2. It is not just a condition that the elderly face. It can occur at an age.
  3. At present there is no cure but there are treatments and support that can help.
  4. People with the condition generally need  Dementia live in care and other health networks.

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  1. There are thought to be 46 million people living with the condition in the world today. It is also thought that this is going to become a much larger figure.
  2. Dementia has four types. The most common of these is Alzhemiers.
  3. The second is the Vascular type which is linked to the after effects of a stroke.
  4. The third is the Lewy bodies variety where rogue proteins settle into brain cells.
  5. The final type is the Frontal temporal where the brain shrinks causing damage.
  6. Dementia doesn’t care if you are rich or poor or whatever age you are.

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