lessons learn from our children

Six Important Life Lessons that we can learn from our children

The holidays are over, the classes return, we all return to the routine and with that, we also resume the busy rhythm of everyday life, which often makes us overlook subtle details of our children. Personally, sharing time with my children during this short break allowed me to discover a series of learnings from the daily life of our family. In this article, I want to share with you the teachings that they left me and invite you to think about those that your kids have left to you, because if we apply some of them, we could give a touch of freshness to the way we have to do things, even at work.

  1. Surprise us with the little things

lessons learn from our children

It may sound trite because we read it a lot of times in different books and messages from WhatsApp, but that is no less true. I often find myself hurrying to my daughter, who is often distracted by observing a colorful insect, cutting flowers from the garden for the night table or reveling in a simple orange sponge cake that she eats as if it were the richest on the planet. Yes, that ability to enjoy the little things (the landscape, the sounds, the flavors, the colors …) that helps us develop creativity, appreciate what surrounds us every day and learn to be happy with little. Continue reading 7 things you should do when you are sad and depressed

  1. Be curious

lessons learn from our children

Being interested in the world around us allows us to learn. The more we ask, seek and rummage, the more knowledgeable we become. We learn about how things work, people, emotions, and why not … even about ourselves. This summer, we invented a new game at home. During the dinner, each one had to guess something that he did not know about the other. This is how I got to know new stories about my children and also shared mine with them. It was a fun way to get to know each other better and also a call to get interested in getting to know the people around me better.

  1. Be supportive

lessons learn from our children

If there is something in which the boys give us a master lesson, it is in being in solidarity:

from agreeing to some mischief and keeping the secret of who was the moral author once they are caught, until putting themselves in the place of the one they need to help him. I remember that my oldest son once asked me about a large person sleeping on the street. Somehow I had accustomed myself to seeing him, and I told him that he was always there. He was very moved and asked me to look for clothes and food to help him. It was when he made me think that we do not become indifferent to the needs of others. Let us also look for adults that soul of solidarity within us and try to help with the simplicity of a child: without expecting anything in return.

  1. Be ingenious

lessons learn from our children

Ingenuity is key to reinvent ourselves, to achieve things that seem impossible, to stand out and even to find the good side of the difficult. If there is a common trait among children, it is ingenuity, that ability to get away with it, to do things that parents do not understand how and to invent new games. The ingenuity led Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, Steve Jobs and other greats to develop their ideas. Let’s warm up – and also to our children – to continue developing that characteristic that makes us different.

  1. Be spontaneous

lessons learn from our children

How many times did it happen to us that one of our children left us uncovered! Like when we say we are not, but we are; or when we do not like something, but we say we do. They are spontaneous, they say what they think, they do what they feel and that translates into happiness and joy. Although being older we must be more cautious, politically correct and learn to think before acting, it would not hurt us to practice spontaneity, understood as that virtue of being transparent and not pretending something that one is not. When we have no ulterior motives, we generate trust in others and help them to express themselves with sincerity.

  1. Show our affections

lessons learn from our children

Every time I’m with my daughter I feel like I’m carrying another one. He hugs me, he hangs on my arms, he takes my hands, he feels attached to me … I often claim that he is all over me, but now I realize how fortunate and blessed I am to have someone who loves me. I want so much and that I want to be as close to me as possible. The children have that, that confidence in themselves to demonstrate what they feel, with gestures, words and small actions. They do not think twice or repress their desire to give affection. How nice it would be if we could also show how much we care about our loved ones, without the fear of not being reciprocated or showing our weak side. How much peace would it give us to return to being a little child in life?

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