Irish Dance

 Irish Dance in time of Coronavirus

Coronavirus has taken a toll on all of us. The losses are heartbreaking, the feeling of isolation is overwhelming. Depression rates are soaring, stress and anxiety are more commonplace than ever. During these difficult times, it’s important not to lose one’s spirits, no matter how hard that might be. Now, more than ever, we must hold on to our sense of identity and do the things that make us feel happy and fulfilled.

Finding a sense of connection through traditional dancing

This sense of identity is affective and deeply personal, but we must not forget that it is also greatly informed by culture. Cultural events, especially national ones, give people a sense of shared identity. It brings people closer both literally and metaphorically. This is why many people are hurt by the cancellation of cultural festivals. St Patrick’s Day celebration is a great example of that. While most people agree that the precautionary measures were absolutely necessary, the cancellation of parades across the globe left many people heartbroken. People were sad about not being able to enjoy the things that brought them fun and a sense of community: costumes, marching bands, specialty foods, and drinks, dancing, and many more.

Irish dancing activities during quarantine

Dancing is an especially sensitive topic for many Irish people. Irish traditional dancing is a very important part of their culture and heritage and it became an essential feature of Irish themed events, especially St Patrick’s Day celebrations. Even if you’re not able to enjoy the mesmerizing performances of professional dancers in festival settings, there are still a lot of Irish dancing-related activities that you can do in quarantine. If you’re a dancing enthusiast and you also have a deep connection to your culture, this is the perfect time to practice and improve your dancing technique and style. You can look up tutorials online from professional dancers.

You’ll find plenty! Grab a pair of Irish dancing shoes and let the fun begin! You can also transform Irish dancing into a fun family activity. How about incorporating dancing into your daily routine? After a long and tedious day of working and doing house chores, an hour or two of dancing might be just what you need to lift your spirits. Not to mention that it is probably the most entertaining form of exercise. Learning the Irish dance is also a great option for those who want to take up a new hobby during the quarantine. There are lots of helpful and entertaining online tutorials for beginners who want to learn the ins and outs of this beautiful traditional dance.

If you’re not too keen on dancing but you hold this tradition dear, you can always look up dance performances online, whether it’s from competitions or festivals. You can also try to search how other people celebrated St Patrick’s Day or other Irish themed events at home and how they incorporated Irish dancing in their celebration. This might give you that sense of cultural unity and connection that you crave in these times of social isolation and loneliness.

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