exotic honeymoon destinations

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations In Bahrain

Bahrain is packed with lots of exotic honeymoon destinations. Its capital city Manama has many hotels that newlywed couples will find interesting. Apart from the hospitality in most Bahrainian hotels, couples will have a great chance to shop, watch people and visit tourist sites. Some of the historical sites that couples can visit while on the exotic honeymoon are Riffa fort and Khasim Mosque. These beautiful destinations can be explored between October and April. These months have moderate a temperature making couples not suffer from the high temperatures that may ruin their honeymoon.

Here are some beautiful exotic honeymoon destinations can be explored in Bahrain

Exotic honeymoon destinations in Manama

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Manama is one of the major honeymoon destinations. It offers a wide range of hotels and resorts depending on the victors’ budget. Intercontinental Regency Bahrain it is a quiet place with excellent services and hospitality. Its location near the old town and market makes visitors enjoy the historic features of the town. The hotel allows online booking and can ensure that the victors find an easy way into the capital. Some other exotic honeymoon destinations to consider in Manila include Ritz-Carlton Bahrain Hotel and spa, Novotel Al Dana Resort, Winsor tower Hotel Bahrain and holiday inn Express Bahrain. All this are places one receives the best of services. Read more Experience the most famous destinations across the world

Exotic honeymoon destinations in Al Muharraq

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

A couple may choose to spend their time in Al Muharraq. This is a beautiful island that offers the diversity of culture and history. A couple on their honeymoon can spend their stay at Majestic Arjaan by Rotana. It offers good hospitality, excellent accommodation and variety of fun and relaxation activities. It has a unique design that amazes it, visitors. Moevenpick Hotel Bahrain is another consideration while exploring Al Muharraq. It is equally packed with variety, quality, and unique services.

Exotic honeymoon destinations in Hoora

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations

Hoora is well known for its active nightlife. It is packed with a lot of entertainment and 24 hours economy. It is a suitable place to go for a honeymoon for an entertainment loving couple. At Hoora, consider booking Winsor Tower hotel. It will not disappoint the couple. Hoora is the best-suited honeymoon destination that enables couples to explore both Islamic and western culture. The activity during the night and plenty of tourist and locals is an attractive feature on its own. It contributes to interaction with the diverse culture which forms the educational part of a honeymoon.

Arrange your two weeks honeymoon visit in advance

Exotic Honeymoon Destinations in Bahrain

Visiting Bahrain for honeymoon requires a Bahrain visa for all nations except those holding GCC states. They can be acquired upon entry at the causeway or Bahrain international airport or before travel at the respective embassies. They offer a two weeks staying duration which can be very adventurous for any couple. For locals, it is good to explore the variety packed in these world-class facilities. The currency used is Bahraini dinar though most tourist destinations accept major currencies. The local speak Bahraini. Most of the booking in the hotels and air ticket can be done in websites of the respective companies. Advance booking is recommended because they attract cheaper deals sometimes. When you have a honeymoon awaiting, think of going to Bahrain’s exotic honeymoon destinations.

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