Install Pop-Up USB Charger

4 Places You Can Install Pop-Up USB Charger

Smart homes are the future, and people have already bought several smart devices for their homes. Having optimised devices at your home offers you more control over your home appliances, and you don’t need to monitor everything.

Smart homes need smart devices, and smart devices need appropriate charging outlets. Here is where the pop up usb charger stands out. This charger is made for people with multiple gadgets at home. Standard outlets cannot cover the new smart devices; therefore, this charging outlet is needed in several locations in your house.

People usually install charging outlets at home, but what a pop-up outlet offers is far more beneficial and practical than the standard ones. Read on to understand the reasons to switch to pop-up outlets.

What is a pop-up outlet?

The pop-up outlets lie flat on the surfaces, and when you need to use them, a little push will make them pop up from the surface. The outlet will extend upwards, and you can use both USB and standard outlets.

If you are planning an electrical upgrade in your home and purchasing some smart devices, a pop up usb charger will benefit multiple rooms in your house and prevent a lot of hassle over wires and space.

Following are the locations and benefits of installing a pop-up outlet in these places:

Office desk

The desk you use for study/office work becomes messy after some time—more mess is added by the charging cords/wires. Though there are some wireless charging options, the charger still has a cord, and you need multiple devices to be charged simultaneously, such as cell phone, tablet, smartwatch, etc. Here, only a pop-up outlet can provide the charging facility for all these devices at the same time and create a minimum to no mess of long cords/wires.

The office desk usually has so many items on it and don’t allow the cords and data cables to add more mess to it.


Nowadays, kitchens are the place where most gadgets and appliances are used—these appliances make cooking easy but leave a lot of trouble for the person. Most of the issues are the clustered cords and lack of an outlet to plug in those devices. Appliances such as microwave, smoothie mixer, electric stove, mobile, etc., are sometimes used simultaneously, and only a pop-up charger with a standard outlet can help you in this situation.

The traditional outlets cannot charge multiple appliances simultaneously; hence, you are forced to place these devices in different locations, making your cooking experience worse. A point with multiple outlets is the answer to this situation, and you can move things around without any issue.


It’s not just the mobiles you need to charge in the bathroom; accessories, including blow dryer, curling rod, etc., are something that one uses regularly. A pop-up outlet offers quick charging and USB ports for bathroom tools. The bathroom counters are always clean and hassle-free when you have this outlet. You can now store more accessories in those places.

Deck table

Your electrician can install these outlets not just inside but outdoors too. These outlets are waterproof (most of them), and you can position them in various locations outside your home, including the deck.

Most of the houses have a beautiful deck area, but the accessibility of plugs are mostly out of reach or absent. But with these vents, you can charge the gadgets anywhere in your backyard. Your devices should be connected well and easy to use if they have to function well.

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