Decorating Your London Abode: A Guide For Stylish Homeowners

London is an incredible city to live in; a bustling metropolis and a hive of activity. If you’re looking to decorate your London abode in the most stylish way, read on for our tips.

Go green

One of the big interior design trends for 2022 is the colour green. Shades of mint, olive, eucalyptus, and other green hues are set to be big this year, so why not experiment with these colours? This will give your home a laidback and sophisticated vibe, especially if you compliment the green with some vibrant or pastel pinks. However, homes this year will be going green in other ways too. More and more home décor companies are acknowledging the environmental crisis and are starting to produce items made from more sustainable materials. Why not do your bit for the planet and consider buying furniture and décor that uses ethical manufacturing processes?

Store your belongings

Space is a huge issue for many Londoners, and even the most well-off will often find trouble storing all their belongings within the one home. To give you an idea of this – a one-bedroom apartment in London can easily cost more than a three-bedroom former local authority house located elsewhere in the UK. The latter option will also often include a reasonably-sized garden and either a small garage or a driveway. It’s therefore understandable why many people struggle to adjust when moving to London. But before you toss out all your belongings in an attempt to downsize, there is an easy solution. Secure units, such as Safestore, are ideal to store your prized possessions in so that they’re not clogging up your home. These units are incredibly secure and can be used long or short-term.

Make a statement

An effective interior aesthetic  technique for stylish homeowners is to use a statement piece. This is an item in the room that immediately draws the eye; something that makes a visual impact. Your statement piece could be a dramatic piece of art, a gorgeous fluffy rug, an oversized brightly-coloured chair – anything that draws attention. The idea is to make visitors comment on the item and for it to be the focal point of the room. For a really stylish and chic vibe, add splashes of colour around the room that match the statement piece.

Create space

The size of your living space need not be a huge problem. With some simple tips, you can create the illusion of more room in even the most cramped of London flats. Avoid painting your rooms in dark colours or using fussy wallpapers as these can draw the rooms inwards. Decorating your walls in lighter colours, whether they be neutrals or pastels, is a great way to open up your living space and make it look more roomy. Another ideal technique to create the illusion of more space is to use mirrors. There are also clever and creative ways you can place your furniture to make more room.

Shop bargains

London is packed with bespoke furniture stores and chic interior designers. Unfortunately, this can be problematic if you’re on a budget. Thankfully, however, many parts of the city are renowned for their flea markets and vintage stores, which is great if you want to grab a bargain piece that’s also got some character to it. Borough Market has a huge indoor area where you can sometimes pick up beautiful items of furniture; whilst both Shoreditch and Camden Markets are packed with quirky stalls where you can find some stylish décor, such as art prints and bohemian lamps. It’s also worth checking out the city’s many charity shops for second-hand, decent quality furniture.


With these tips, you should be able to create a stylish, ethical, and aesthetically pleasing environment for your London abode.

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