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How to Choose a CB Radio

CB or Citizen’s Band radio is a kind of radio developed to receive 40 channels in a range of 27MHz. You can use a CB radio for both work and personal activities. Currently, there’s an extensive range of such radios available, and they come with a great number of options. You can find a CB radio package according to your needs. Here are some points to consider for picking suitable ones for yourself.

Determine the Ease of Use

The radios you purchase shouldn’t be challenging to use. They should be ideal for any small operation. So, look for features like intuitive placements and control and the radio’s ability to connect with other devices. Your radios need to be user-friendly because, during an emergency, you need to take quick action. Additionally, the radios in the package should be lightweight and have a compact design. So, team members in retail and hospitality applications can use it comfortably.

Consider the Size of the Radios

Look at the size of the radios available in the package. CB radios are available in various sizes, from small hand-held units to big ones. You need to know where you will mount your radio and whether the CB in the package will get accommodated within the available space conveniently or not. If you own an off-road vehicle or a jeep, smaller radios will be an ideal choice for you because these vehicles don’t have much room. On the other hand, if you own a big truck or an RV and have greater space, you can buy a bigger radio.

Look for PA Capabilities

The addition of a PA speaker will enable you to utilize the radio and handset as a public address system. You can address large groups with the speaker mounted outside the automobile. Thus, the PA speaker functionality is quite a useful one. It is also essential during an emergency when you need to amplify your voice to control a crowd and avoid any confusion. You can quickly navigate issues related to background noise when you have CB radios with in-built PA capabilities.

Consider the Option of Single Side Band Feature

A single-sideband or SSB is a feature you can find in a CB radio that falls in the higher price range. You can use frequencies below and above every standard CB channel with this feature. This functionality uses a smaller frequency spectrum and gives you access to 80 extra channels. It also gives you the capability to legally transfer at a power of 12 watts without the requirement of an FCC licence. SSB radios also support AM-mode operations. It permits the user to communicate with a non-SSB CB user.

Look for Backlit Displays

For those using their CBs at night, it’s essential to take into account a backlit display. The backlit display functionality illuminates the whole CB display for seamless operation in dark conditions. You can find a CB radio package with radios having seven colours backlit LCD display. You also have the choice to change those colours. The multi-coloured display will light up your drive throughout the night.

You can find six-pack and two-pack CB radios which you can choose according to your needs. Consider the various features in this article when you are selecting a package. Also, ensure that the package you select falls within your budget.

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