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The 12 world best destinations for traveling as a couple

Today we discuss world best destinations for traveling as a couple, after Valentine’s Day, you will never want to return. And we will understand it. We approach falling in love at street level, with a route that goes through its natural paths.

Between the Tagus and the Algarve, Alentejo is a delicious Portuguese region that lives at a slow pace. Here, the castles are viewpoints and the heavens, a star scenario -it is the first Starlight Destiny in the world- where you can walk under the moon or practice astrophotography. By day, dozens of balloons float in the area, in an adventure full of calm on Lake Alqueva.

Territory ‘snow’ world best destinations for traveling as a couple

world best destinations

To snuggle in front of the fireplace or share a morning walk and ice cream: frozen landscapes become magical if you enjoy them as a couple. This season, Andorra multiplies the offer in its three domains and proposes to practice ski, sleep at the foot of the track in an Air Stream and relax in a snow lounge with views and champagne, like the Terrassa Veuve Clicquot, in Soldeu.

The light of the sea world best destinations for traveling as a couple

world best destinations
Of the 65 lighthouses that dot the coast of Croatia, one of the most interesting is that of Pokonji Dol Island, near Hvar. Space, minimum, is uninhabited and desert. Unlike other lighthouses in the country, it does not have accommodation and can only be visited on concerted routes. Even so, your solitude and the sunset over the Adriatic will make you think that you are in paradise. And that, even though it belongs to the Paklinski Otoci archipelago: ‘Islands of Hell’.

The treehouse world best destinations for traveling as a couple

world best destinations

In 2017 the readers of a travel guide chose Scotland as the most beautiful enclave in the world. Its bucolic scenarios and very personal landscapes not only attract beauty seekers but also romantics and lovers. One of these special couples stops is The Lodge on Loch Goil, 5 * northwest of Glasgow where you can sleep in a tree.

Amphibious landscape world best destinations for traveling as a couple

world best destinations

On the island of Kekova – the Turkish coast of Antalya – the wonder is in what you see as well as what you do not. On the surface, the aroma of figs and thyme embraces the ancient Lycian walls of Simena. Meanwhile, in the sea, the elegant schooners sail the turquoise water over the ruins, which remain engulfed at a depth of 25 meters.  Read more Exotic Honeymoon Destinations In Bahrain

Oh Love! world best destinations for traveling as a couple

world best destinations

The cafes of Paris and the narrow streets of Carcassonne; the Bistrot of the French Riviera and the lavender fields of Provence. All France seems to be designed so that the element of love germinates easily, but if we have to decide on a stage this year we go to Alsace, to enjoy Strasbourg, mon amour, the party that extends Valentine’s Day from 9 to 18 February. These days, the old town of this delicate city of the northeast is full of romance and, in addition to walking along the Petite France Pier, it offers a special program for lovers that includes shows at the Bridge of Sighs, baths in the light of the luna, slow party, retro verbena …

In the end (and the beginning) of the world best destinations for traveling as a couple

world best destinations

Nature and you. There will be no one else in this adventure that takes you to sleep in a wooden cabin on a desert island in Indonesia, in the middle of the Indian Ocean. The proposal is to become a shipwrecked, but luxury. As soon as you arrive – in a speedboat or small plane – the feeling of isolation will be total, although you will not have to use survival techniques: they will take you food every day and you will have electricity, running water and even the Internet, so do not resist. upload it to your networks.

Paradise Street # 1 world best destinations for traveling as a couple

world best destinations

It has been two years in a row with the distinction of ‘Best Island in the World’, according to the specialized press, but neither the prizes nor the words manage to explain 100% the essence of this Filipino town, which expresses itself with sensations. It is called Palawan and is the largest of an archipelago of 1,780 islands in the southwest of the country. In this sanctuary of nature converges the bed of an underground river with a spooky landscape full of caves and hollows carved into the cliffs. Space, protected and classified as World Heritage of Humanity – even prohibiting sand – is dotted with fishing villages, tropical fish, and unique beaches.

A jazz rhythm the world best destinations for traveling as a couple

world best destinations

In recent years, Prague has become one of the capitals of the romanticism of the continent, with natural settings – narrow streets, baroque gardens, an incredible golden light … – where love springs up alone. But what do you think about living in the Vltava? The proposal, in the JazzBoat, takes you to a mini-cruise on this river that crosses the Czech capital, to walk your passion under the Charles Bridge with a jazz band on board.

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