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Why You Should Go on a Spa Retreat This Year

Everyone should take some time away from the hassles of everyday life to relax. While there are lots of things you can do with this time, many people find going to a spa to be an exceptional option. Taking a spa retreat used to be an expensive affair, with it being seen as something for only the rich and famous. In recent years, that trend has changed as more people realise the benefits of going on a spa retreat. Below, we will look at a few reasons why you should book a spa retreat this year.

Stress Relief

Many people do not realise that stress is so serious that it can cause other conditions. These can range from heart issues to digestive issues. Many people are under so much stress that it starts manifesting physically. You might find it harder to remember things, gain weight, have acne and other skin eruptions, or even have a hard time sleeping.

If you are experiencing these and other symptoms that cannot be explained any other way, you likely are under too much stress and need a break. Most spas these days specialise in various stress reduction treatments.

Enhance your experience by choosing relaxing locations. These can be spa locations that have open spaces with walking paths if that is something you like, or botanical gardens if aromas help relax you. Also, check if there is a network connection and ensure there isn’t one so that you do not carry your stressors to the spa.

Try different types of massages that help with stress relief and generally take things easy during the retreat.

For More Than Mental Health Benefits

Going to a spa these days is for a lot more than mental health. This is a big component of it as we have seen, but it is not always the case. Instead of meditating and relaxing, some people find it better to spend a sizable part of their retreat swimming, a service that is offered by most luxury spas.

Swimming is an exceptional exercise for people of all ages and different ranges of abilities. Swimming is one of the best low impact forms of exercise. This means that it works the whole body without having an impact on the bones and joints in the same way as exercises like running.

Swimming is also great for building cardiovascular health. Improved cardiovascular health leads to easier and more efficient flow of blood throughout the body and especially in the muscles.

This makes you feel better as there is increased removal of waste in the body and more energized due to higher levels of oxygen and nutrients in the muscles.

Lastly, swimming is a full-body exercise. Swimming is one of the few exercises that works out most of the muscles in your body at the same time. If you want to enjoy some swimming sessions during your retreat, ensure you bring the right gear.

Some things you will need are sandals, towels, and a swim cap. For men, comfortable men’s swim shorts are a must. You can shop for shorts and swimwear online at Orlebar Brown, an online retailer that sells designer swimwear for men and kids. Orlebar Brown has several collections and accessories to help you put together the perfect package the next time you want to go swimming.

Kickstart Your Healthy Eating Journey

A spa retreat could give you the chance to reset and get into healthier eating habits. We know that what we eat as well as gut health are essential to our overall health. Taking care of both of these areas can make a huge difference to our overall health.

When booking a spa, find one that offers healthy meal options as part of the package. These could be options that include fruits and vegetables or healthier diets you may not have tried before.

Take note of the meals served so you can take these recipes home to try. Meals with moderate calorie counts rather than so few calories that you starve can help put you on the path to better health and weight loss if that is something you have been struggling with.

Sleep Better

Getting better sleep is another benefit of going on a spa retreat. Many people have trouble sleeping because of the stress we put on our bodies and minds. Even when we are getting enough hours of sleep, we may not be getting quality sleep.

Spa treatments can relax you enough that you sleep better. This can be both while you are on the retreat and need lots of rest or when you get back home.

Some massage effects, such as lower blood pressure, can last for a while, helping you not only sleep better but improving your overall health too.

Learn New Forms of Yoga

Yoga has numerous physical, emotional, and mental health benefits. While it is possible to learn yoga online or from an instructor, you will get an even better experience when you combine this with a spa environment.

Most spas have instructors for more than one type of yoga, and you get a chance to start your journey to learning about these new types and forms of yoga. In addition to all that, you still get the benefits of yoga such as improved circulation, muscle relaxation and knowing what areas need attention when you get a massage later.

It is an Excuse to See the World

If you can, try to go on a spa retreat somewhere you have never been before. Booking a spa retreat will give you some time to renew and re-energise both your mind and body while also allowing you to see a new city or country.

Destination spa resorts have become popular in Thailand and countries in the Mediterranean, allowing you to combine a relaxing time with your love of travelling.

Since things are going back to how they used to be before the pandemic, now would be a great time to consider a spa retreat. There are numerous benefits to doing so, including some you may not have thought about!

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