Managing a road traffic accident effectively and how to follow the correct procedures.

Not all traffic accidents are of a serious nature and can range from a minor bicycle crash to a major multi-vehicle incident. When you are involved in a serious incident or are on the scene when one occurs it is of extreme importance that you know exactly what to do.  Stay CALM.  It may sound wrong but before attending to any casualties it is essential that the incident area is made safe first!  By completing this basic safety procedure, you will not only protect yourself but other road users from further harm. Only once you’ve secured the area should you assess the injured and prioritise treatment.

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Administer first aid to any casualties, starting with the ones with the most life-threatening injuries. Once you have assessed the full situation and given basic treatment to any of the injured then call the emergency services.  An ambulance and a fire engine will possibly need to attend depending on the severity of the situation. The fire brigade will help with getting the injured passengers out of their cars and then make sure any oil or petrol spillages are thoroughly cleaned up using their specialist equipment including Spill Kits supplied by a company such as Hydepark Environmental.

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If you have a high-vis jacket, then put it on and turn on your car’s hazard lights. When you call the emergency services have as much information as possible to hand, such as how many casualties there are, their ages and types of injuries.

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