Keep the post office alive and write more letters

With the explosion of technology all around us, the old-fashioned letter seems to be dying out. Why send a letter when an email can get there instantly? Well, there is something special about a written letter that you just don’t get with electronic communication.

Here are some reasons why you should write a letter to someone today:

  1. A Keepsake

For those who mean a lot to you, a loving letter can be kept and treasured for a lifetime. Letters from history that are displayed in museums around the world demonstrate the impact that the written word can have on people. Letters and documents have been kept and preserved for centuries due to their importance and power. There are many letters that have been found that detail people’s lives in the past. It is how we know so much about the land services and those gardeners in the big houses who would have worked long hours, ensuring the grounds were pristine and the Mountfield Mower Spares, like the ones you can find at were fitted correctly.

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  1. Makes you happy

According to scientific research, the act of writing is actually mood-boosting. You feel more satisfied when you have put pen to paper. Writing thank you letters or letters to those you care for make you feel happier and less depressed for those who suffer from the illness. It’s all about appreciating the beauty around you.

  1. Relationship confirming

By taking the time to pen a thoughtful note to someone shows that you hold their relationship with you in high esteem. It’s a sign that your relationship is worth investing in. It can also strengthen friendship and when used by businesses, can foster loyalty in relationships with customers and clients.

  1. It’s sophisticated

A kind letter shows a person that they’re special, but it also makes us look pretty special too. Handwritten letters look classy and sets you above others who might have just sent an email. It’s the kind of gesture a lady or a gentleman would make.

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  1. Say things that matter

The digital era makes it too easy to respond or reply quickly and not really think about what we’re saying. Writing is a more deliberate act, giving you time to pause and truly express yourself.

  1. Getting post is still exciting

Most of the time, all we receive in the post are bills. Do you remember when receiving a letter was exciting? Surprise your friends and family and give them something pleasant to open when the normal pile of junk mail arrives in the morning.

  1. Appreciated by the older generation

For the more mature amongst us, handwritten letters are a tradition that is missed. Even if your older friends and family are quite adept with texting and email, chances are they would still react warmly to receiving an old-fashioned written letter from you instead.

  1. Improve your handwriting

If you have lovely handwriting, you never get to show it off anymore. Perhaps you don’t have the best handwriting and wish there was a way you could practice more. Either way, you should reach for your paper and pen and get writing today!

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