Embracing the Growing Benefits of Remote Work

Of all the business developments we saw in 2020, few have made such a dramatic mark as remote work. While existing for many people before this point, 2020 was the year that it hit the mainstream, with millions of people all over the world carving out their own remote workplace. Not just great for workers, this shift to the way we approach business could have advantages from a range of efficiency, monetary, and even health perspectives.

Remote Work in Action

The typical remote workstation isn’t especially complicated given how involved modern society is with the relevant technology. Essentially, our technological momentum has created a situation where so many potential workers are already set to get involved without any additional effort.

On the strongest level, this could be found in someone with a dedicated office and a desktop computer system. Already used for the likes of Office suite and online tasks, adapting such a setup to the demands of remote work is simple and could often be done in less than an hour.

For more casual users, anybody who owns a personal laptop for any forms of communication could also be set. Whether chatting over Zoom or working through social media websites like Instagram, the changes required to adapt to remote work will again be minimal. This goes doubly so if a laptop is already a home/work hybrid.

Such relationships can even come from those in the interactive entertainment world. For example, players of table games like those on vegasslotsonline.com on home computers would again be ready to expand into work. Whether playing free table games, visiting the websites, or collecting bonuses, making the jump to work systems requires little effort. Additional steps are on offer to make the experience more accessible, with guides and reviews on offer to help guide players. In instances like this, having a degree of flexibility from wide ranges of games could also prove helpful.

At the more complicated but still viable end are users of mobile tablet devices. While not as ideal for remote work as laptops or desktops, with the proper peripherals these can still be turned into effective work machines. Perhaps more useful as a backup or for a particular niche in most instances, these devices could still be perfect fits in certain situations.

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Boons to Efficiency

Benefits to efficiency in remote work could come from many avenues, including more personalised work-environments, fewer work-place distractions, and more energy to expend. According to a joint study from Oxford University’s Saïd Business School and British firm BT, there is a direct positive relationship between happiness and productivity. Measured at a 13% increase in productivity this instance for happy workers, this one aspect alone could be well worth the change.

Potential Savings

Remote work leading to the potential for greater savings is one of the easier aspects to measure on both a business and personal scale. Office space, especially in larger cities, can be prohibitively expensive. According to a report by Coldwell Banker Richard Ellis, from 2018 to 2019, 85 out of 122 measured markets showed an increase in office space cost. In the same period, this cost rose an average of 3.6%, up from 2.4% the year prior.

For business owners, this simply means that office costs are continually going to grow, and that’s before inflation is factored in. The more an office can be downsized without losing productivity, the more that there is to be saved, and remote work can be a salve in this regard. Even if only ten per cent of staff could move to remote work, significant savings could be found.

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On a more personal level, individual costs would also save money for workers. The average worker in the UK spends around £150 on travelling to work a month, which otherwise could stay in their bank account. Factor in the costs of eating away from home and remote work could be a huge help in raising people’s net profits even without a raise.

Health Benefits

Happiness has been shown to have a strong positive effect on people’s health, but that’s not the only beneficial aspect of remote work, even if you factor in our tips at https://www.trendsmagazine.net/daily-habits-make-healthier/. Relating to the previous point, travel is also a significant producer of air pollution. In the US, the Environment Defense Fund estimates that on-road vehicles generate one-third of smog-causing air pollution. This is in addition to 27 per cent of greenhouse gas emissions. The lesser here, the better not just for our health, but for the health of the entire world.

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Though 2020 brought the UK a lot further along into the world of remote work, we’ve still a long path left to travel. Still, getting involved in this world is easier than ever before, and the benefits are undeniable. Even if it’s not right for you, this development is one which could have that makes everybody’s lives better. If nothing else, it would be nice to cut down on rush-hour traffic.


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