When Should I Sell My Shares?

Many investors ask themselves when the best time is to sell shares? When the price goes down a lot, when it takes more than a year for the gain to make up for the initial cost, or if you have run out of money to hang on to your shares until the company can pay out some dividends. One of the oldest and perhaps the easiest ways to determine when to sell is to look at how the company’s market value has been. This gives you an idea of what they might be worth on the open market next year. For financial advice, consider Accountants Swindon like Chippendale and Clark

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If you want to sell, then it makes sense to do so as soon as possible. The stock will likely decrease in price, and you will make some money as well. However, there is a difference between getting a profit and losing money. Knowing when to sell is like knowing when to buy, you should wait for the price to go down a bit and wait for as long as possible for the stock price to drop down even more.

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How long do you wait before selling? You should only hold on to stock that you are sure will rise in price. If you have bought it at a good price then you should probably sell, but if not you should hold onto it. It is rare that someone actually sells their shares in a company that is heading for bankruptcy. When you know this you can decide just how much you want to sell.

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