CCTV Drainage Surveys Can Reduce Cost And Time.

CCTV Drainage Surveys is essential to planned preventative maintenance programmes, enabling property owners to address potential problems before they become highly-damaging and costly events. By using them to assess and record pipeline work, CCTV can identify weak areas of the drainage system, enabling it to be used to guide retrofit work, as well as monitoring existing pipelines during routine maintenance.

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With the increasing demand for CCTV inspection cameras in construction and building surveying sector, a range of specialist CCTV inspection cameras have been designed to meet the requirements of all construction projects. The key benefits of utilising a CCTV inspection camera is the speed and efficiency with which the findings can be shared with relevant parties such as management staff, engineers, contractors and even tenants / occupants and these benefits are not only present but also easy to identify and put to use. In addition, there are no time delays associated with the information provided by a CCTV inspection camera, allowing any necessary repairs or replacements to be carried out as soon as possible to minimise disruption to day-to-day business.

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There are a number of benefits of CCTV Drainage Surveys, like those offered by Wilkinson Environmental, including the identification and recording of potential issues that could cause major disruption to normal operations. CCTV has been specifically designed to ensure Pipe Work installation, downpipes, storm water pipes and main sewer lines are properly sealed and installed to their required specification. They have been specifically designed to reduce the risk of damage to infrastructure and structures by reducing the risks of leaks and blockages. A CCTV inspection camera can identify any potential problem areas so that correct steps can be taken to prevent further issues and protect the integrity of the pipe or drain. The reduction in time taken to resolve potential problems also reduces the cost to the company / builder while maximising the time and money spent on preventive maintenance schemes.

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