What makes the isle of Aran so special?

Whilst it can easily be claimed that the whole of Ireland is a beautiful country, one of these Island nations best beauty spots is the wonderful and unbowed Isles of Aran. The three islands are placed at the head of Galway bay and find themselves surrounded by the blue churning waters of the Atlantic ocean. They act as a buffer from the worst of the cold and wet sea spray much like the famous Women’s Aran Sweaters that were first made on the island. Much as the islands protect the bay so will Womens Irish Aran Sweaters protect you from the worst excesses of the ocean if you decide to take a visit.

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And visit you should for there is much to see and do when you are out there. First of all, you have to take a walk around the rocky exterior of Inishmaan. Ponder how it must have been as the settlers of the New world set out from Dublin and Galway past these three bastions on their way to try and start a new life.

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It is also easy to immerse yourself in the history of old Ireland. The Gaelic is still spoken here, sometimes exclusively in some villages, although the locals are fluent in English as well.  You can still see the strong fishing community that gave us the Aran sweater. You can also see well-preserved examples of the prehistoric people that lived here. You can see how advanced they were with perfect shrines, temples and hilltop forts long abandoned.

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