Why the Dark Ages stank.

The Dark Ages in Britain is a period of time that we literally know very little about. Following the departure of the Roman Legions in the year Four Hundred and ten the slow decline of Britain began until about the year 800. All of the elements that the Roman Empire brought like military stability, building and administration was lost over time. The Romano-Britains tried to maintain what was left but without the skill and knowledge being passed on the old Roman cities fell into ruin. To make matters worse the Saxon, Angles and Jute mercenaries decided that they would like to stay and they began to push the Romano-Britons slowly back into Cornwall and Wales. They came from the East so you can imagine that the Roman settlement of Durobrivae, modern day Rochester, soon found it’s drains blocked. A Blocked Drain Kent way is never good but at least now Blocked drains in Kent can be fixed by 3Flow.

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With the Romano-Britians focused on protecting their lands they had little time to maintain the Roman architecture and were in constant battle. It is generally reckoned that the end of the Roman empire led to a recession in human development that did not recover until the Renaissance some one thousand years later.

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However this is just one view. Some archaeologists have now suggested that if Britain was in constant battle for the 400 years after the Roman’s left we’d find more signs of conflict.  Some now reckon that whilst there were disputes for the most part the Saxon’s brought new simpler ideas that the Romano-Britians took on as it was just easier. They mingled and became the Anglo-Saxons or rather the English

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