best adventure anime

What are the best adventure anime?

In the manga, there are so many adventure stories. Some of the adventure story animated and shown on tv or the web. Now we are going to present the best adventure anime list of all time which actually thrill your nerve.

  1. Hunter x Hunter

One of the best adventure anime here Gon Frercss is the center character of this series. He wants to be a great hunter. To be an elite hunter he needs to be licensed. For this, he has to pass the hunter examination. Elite hunters are able to fight with rare beasts, find out secret treasures. He got acquainted with some more boys who are also a hunter. He has also another purpose to be a hunter to find out his father. His father was also a great hunter who leave them when Gon was a child.

  1. No Game No Life

You can’t fulfill your list of best adventure anime without “No Game No Life”. Here an online game platform is known as Blank. On this platform, there were two pro gamers who make an undefeatable team. These two pro-gamers are step-siblings who are known as Sora and Shiro. One day they got a challenge from a game god of another world which world was surrounded by games. These step-siblings couple thought it was a joke. They accepted the challenge as fun. After that, they were sent to another world by teleport and twist start from here.

  1. Naruto

A hidden village was known as Konoha in the Land of Fire. It was a Ninja World. One day Nine-Tails attach their village which is very powerful. To save the village, the head of this village seals the evil in a baby which is his newborn son. Then the boy becomes a host of evil. For this, the villagers insult him. Years later the boy became a ninja and join a group.

  1. One Piece

Gol D. Roger was a pirate king who had name, fame, wealth, and also power. But bad luck he was arrested and executed. Before he was about to execute he disclose his hidden wealth One Piece by clew. After his execution, people search for it in Grand Line but no one couldn’t find it. Many years later one boy wants to be a pirate king he name was Luffy. Luffy wants to have the One Piece treasure. For this, he starts searching for the treasure.  Keep reading Yona of the Dawn Season 2

  1. KonoSuba

A teenage Japanese boy meets a goddess after his death. The boy’s name was Kazuma and the goddess’s name was Aqua. The goddess offered him new life in a parallel world. In this parallel world, he can fight with evil and go on an adventure where the goddess also accompanies him to defeat the evil king.

  1. Sen To Chihiro No Kamikakushi ( Spirited Away )

Chihiro is a 10 years old girl. Ones she and her parents explored the nearby area of their new home. Suddenly they discover an abandoned park where something unrespect things happened. She met a boy who warns them to return before sunset but they didn’t pay hit. After the sunset, Chihiro discovers that now her parents are not human they are transformed into pigs.

  1. Cowboy Bebop

In 2071, the Earth isn’t habitable for humans. Humans start to live in moons and the rocky planet. In this situation, a human doesn’t prevent themselves from crime. There was a criminal syndicate named Red Dragon.

  1. Gurren Lagann

A Spiral King, Lordgenome who rule the Earth. He forces humans to live in an isolated village located under the surface. The villagers are always at threat of earthquakes. Some selected villagers can expand their houses. There was a gang and Simon was encouraged by Kamina. Simon joins this gang to fulfill his dream to visit the Earth’s surface.

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