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Great Housewarming Gift Suggestions

Moving to a new home is a joyful and exciting occasion, but it comes with its own set of challenges. What with unpacking all the boxes, setting things in order, familiarizing oneself with the new habitat, and so on, things do get a little stressful at times. However, here’s where beautiful, unique and thoughtful housewarming gifts can play their part in relieving the stress and in bringing the smile back in the face of the happy and proud homeowners.

However, it’s a little tricky picking the perfect housewarming gift. Should you go for something practical and useful? Should you choose some traditional settlement/housewarming present? Or something fun, inspirational, and even quirky would be best suited to the giftees in question? Well, when it comes to housewarming gift ideas, the trick is to pay attention to the personality of the recipients as well as their particular circumstances. For example, are they a new couple moving into their very first love nest? Are they close friends of yours all eager to settle into their dream home? Is it a rented home they are moving into? Are they downsizing to a new apartment? Well, whatever be the circumstances, we have you covered in our below list of great housewarming gift suggestions. Read on and hopefully, you will hit on to that perfect housewarming gift that will be cherished by the new homeowners.

How to Choose the Ideal Housewarming Gift

The right housewarming present will depend on the age, interests, and personalities of the new homeowners. Apart from that, one also needs to consider the kind of home they are moving into. In fact, if you’ve been to the house already or have seen pictures of it, that will help you big time in choosing a suitable settlement gift. This is so since home styling items rank among the most popular housewarming gifts. Cute home accessories, little accent items for the fireplace mantel or the coffee table, or some evergreen, potted houseplants are just the things one needs to put the finishing touches to their new home décor.

Some thoughtful home décor gift ideas

As mentioned, when you know the kind of house one is moving into, the task of choosing a perfect home décor gift becomes that much easier. For example, have the new homeowners settled for an all-white look? In that case, choose a neutral color pallet for whatever home décor housewarming gift you are planning to buy. A white ceramic vase, beechwood photo frames, fragrant white candles are just some of the suggestions you can consider. On the other hand, if there are certain colors used for the home décor, consider gifting some cutlery, placemats, or bath towels that match the primary color scheme of the home.

You may also like to pay attention to the décor style when choosing your gift. For instance, understated gifts such as framed B&W print, Nordic-style candlestick, or small candelabra will go best with a minimalist interior. On the other hand, for a country-inspired décor, we suggest little ceramic ornaments, rustic charcuterie, or cheese boards (consider a personalized one or you may also couple it with a selection of the homeowners’ favorite cheeses!) and any and everything linen. Again, for homes with patterned or floral accents, a nice set of cushion covers with floral patterns or potted flowers would be some of the perfect housewarming gifts.

Consider the Interests of the New Homeowners

While home décor items are good enough, you can make your housewarming gift a more personalized one by choosing an item keeping in mind the hobbies and interests of the recipients. For example, consider a gardening kit if you know the giftee has a passion for landscaping, planting, floriculture, etc. Again, if he/she loves to cook, a premium quality recipe cookbook, a personalized wooden spoon, a cast-iron skillet, or a gift hamper filled with gourmet spices and condiments will be some of the ideal housewarming gifts for the person. Similarly, consider an antique chessboard, vase, etc. if the recipients of the gift share a taste for antiques.

A List of Most Popular Housewarming Gifts

While we are always for gifts that bear a personal touch (letting the recipient know that you have put in some thought into the gift and that you CARE), we still provide this list of most popular Australian housewarming gifts in order to help you with some generic gift ideas. Of course, you can always make your chosen item a more personalized one by taking into account the particularities of the recipients (in the manner discussed in the previous paragraphs).

  • Home essentials gift basket
  • Wine decanter (often coupled with a set of wine glasses or a wine bottle)
  • Stylish tea towels
  • Personalized doormat
  • Home fragrances such as a reed diffuser
  • Candle gift sets
  • Attractive cutlery sets
  • Gardening gift set
  • Timber chopping board
  • Oven mitts
  • Fun puzzle games for the family
  • Recipe cookbooks
  • Crystal glassware
  • Ceramic or crystal vase
  • Knife block sets
  • Outdoor cocktail glasses
  • Eco cleaning products

As you may see, many of the above items can be personalized to make your gift a more intimate and thoughtful one. For example, if you are gifting wine glasses (singly or part of a wine hamper), you may consider a pair of monogrammed glasses, especially when you are gifting to a couple who are passionately into wine.  As for luxury housewarming gifts, you may consider a champagne gift set, a quality crystal vase or decanter, and the like.

Housewarming Gifts for Renters

Pretty much all of the above-mentioned gifts as well as others (such as decorative statues, barware glasses, flower vases, hall ornaments, a garden patio planner, kitchen serving ware, etc.) will be perfect for people moving into a new rented home. Just make sure you don’t gift something that will need to be nailed into the walls or require the recipients to make any structural change to their new home.

Gift Hampers

As for many other occasions, gift hampers make for an excellent choice as housewarming gifts. The great thing about gift hampers or gift baskets is the flexibility it offers to the one making the gift. With a gift hamper, you won’t have to rack your brain for that ‘perfect gift item.’ Instead, you can choose from a large variety of differently-themed hampers such as pamper hampers, wellness gift hampers, cheeseboard hampers, grazing or nibbles hampers as well special housewarming/settlement gift baskets and hampers like Home Essentials Gift Baskets, Settlement Wine Celebration Hamper, and many more.


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