Choosing the Right Bed for Your Home

Your Guide to Choosing the Right Bed for Your Home

Humans spend a third of their lives in their beds. And since beds are one of those furniture items that accompany you for life, your choice should be based on both the comfort and design as well as your health concerns.

Another important consideration while choosing a bed is the size of the mattress. A mattress that is of the wrong size or morphology won’t let you experience quality sleep. One made from responsive technology, like a Sealy mattress, provides personalised support due to the presence of intelligent foam layers.

All that being said, you should select an appropriate bed frame for yourself by considering some factors. So, here’s how you can find a suitable one.


To have a reliable and durable bed frame, you need to pay attention to its construction material. Metal and wood are two primary construction materials, and a wooden frame imparts a natural aspect to your room. You can use one made from oak wood for its aesthetic or solid build or one made from beech wood for its durability. Metal is another material that is used to craft bed frames. Those made from this material are recognised for their solidity and extended usability. In short, both materials are viable options.


Undoubtedly, beds are the central element of your bedroom. They set the atmosphere and tone of your interior. Paying attention to its style and design thus becomes an important consideration. Meanwhile, the style of beds can mainly be classified into contemporary and classic.

A contemporary one has elements like a simplistic design, sophisticated appearance, and clean lines. A classic style of bed, on the other hand, is constructed out of solid woods and gives off a mid-century elegance. Many king- and queen-sized bedframes fall in this style category. So, choose one according to your personal preference and the décor theme of your room.


The bed height influences how easily you can get in and out of it. The standard height of a bed frame is 25 inches, as it enables people to comfortably sit on the furniture’s edge with their feet on the floor. Find a bed frame that has a height that corresponds with your own height for maximum convenience.


Choose a mattress that gives your body the stability it needs while sleeping. So, while choosing it, your primary concern should be to look for one that keeps your spine comfortable while you’re sleeping. For example, one from a reputed brand, like a Sealy mattressconsists of a visco-elastic layer that provides ample comfort to the spine. It comprises a cushioning foam that imparts a firm and comforting feel. Besides, choose a mattress that is at least 15 cm longer than your height, as this will prevent your feet from extending from the bed while you’re lying on it.

Should You Go in for Custom Made Beds?

Sometimes, it’s challenging to find something that truly resonates with your style among mass-produced furniture items. Custom-made beds help you achieve your design goals when you desire to create or recreate your bedroom in your own style. They suit the unique tastes of individuals, and in simple words, these furniture items are tailored to specific needs. You can invest in one if you feel that you require some particular features or functionality in your bed.

Beds are one of the essential furniture items that help you attain quality rest. So, keep in mind these factors mentioned above whenever you decide to invest in this furniture item.


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