Try These 5 Tips for Summertime Pest Control

Summer brings an abundance of sunshine, outdoor fun and opportunities for vacation. But it also brings with it a boost in the number of insects you have to deal with. Don’t let bug bites and swarming insects mess up your summer plans. You can reduce the number of insects that interfere with your summer enjoyment by following these tips.

Remove Standing Water

Like just about everyone, one thing insects love is water during the summer. These pockets of pooled water around the yard, behind the garage or near play areas are breeding grounds for insects. Get rid of this standing water that’s left behind from heavy summer showers. The more you can eliminate these, the better chances you have of reducing the number of mosquitoes and other insects that bug you.

Keep Yard Tidy

In case you need another reason to cut that grass every week, it also helps to control insects. If you keep your yard tidy by removing clippings, mowing the grass and trimming the hedges, you will help reduce mosquitoes and other insects. It is also a good idea to keep those weeds under control, which can grow quickly and become the perfect hideaway for destructive insects that enjoy gardens.

Store Firewood Away From House

If you live in a cold weather climate that requires you to keep a supply of firewood handy, make sure you store it as far away from the house as possible. Termites love to take up residence in your firewood, so keep it stored safely away from the house. Try at least five feet away from your home, more if you can swing it. And remember, pile the wood on racks and not directly on the ground where termites can easily get to it.

Seal Doors and Windows

You can make sure that the most common summertime pests stay outside by properly sealing your doors and windows. Make sure to check doors for gaps and screens for holes that allow these pesky insects to make their way inside. Repair as needed, and you can greatly reduce the number of spiders, wasps, mosquitoes and other insects that might come in. If you don’t have screens for your windows, consider adding them to allow you to open those windows for a summer breeze without fear of inviting in swarms of insects.

Hire a Reliable Pest Control Company

You can take these and other steps to reduce the hassles you can face during the summer with insects, but you should also hire a reliable East Haven CT pest control company to help. They can provide an insect repellent that is safe for you, your family and pets as a great way to keep the bugs as far away as possible. With the help of a Branford CT pest control company and following these tips, you can greatly reduce the hassles that insects can bring to your summer fun.

Don’t Let Insects Ruin Your Summer

Summer gives you the opportunity to enjoy the outdoors and all that nature has to offer. Don’t let insects ruin that for you. With the help of a reputable pest control company and some careful monitoring of items around your home and yard, you can keep pest problems to a minimum. Leave the chemicals to the pest control experts that you hire, and make sure they use the safest options possible to protect your family and your community.

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