Translucent Brown Hair Color: Everything You Need to Know About This Trend

For some, the world of summer hair is ruled by platinum, honey and beach-clad blonde shades that mimic bright rays of morning sun and shimmery golden hour light. While going blonde is certainly one great option for a refreshing summer hair look, there are a few brunette shades making their way up the list as well. A few months ago, fashion-forward hairstylists made the Expensive Brunette hair trend a viral sensation among celebrities and salon-goers alike. The summer-minded response to this rich brunette hair trend is called Translucent Brown. It’s the latest and greatest hair color trend and it’s perfect for summer.

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What Is Translucent Brown Hair?

Despite the name, translucent brown hair isn’t actually translucent. Instead, it’s a wonderfully light mix of warm brunette color and soft, golden hour-inspired highlights. The combination allows light to scatter amongst the highlights and fill the hair with a warm, sparkly glow. It’s a great option for brunettes who want to go a bit lighter for summer, add dimension to their hair or try a softer look.

Translucent brown hair is all about creating dimension and a balance between highlight shades and warm, healthy-looking brunette hair color. For the best results, translucent brown hair color should be administered by a professional stylist using only trusted professional hair color products. The translucent brown color trend looks best when the hair color shades are tailored to the client’s complexion, so each resulting look should be unique and personalized. This trend is super versatile and looks great regardless of eye color, features, face shape, hair type or hair length. Having translucent brown hair is like being followed by perfect lighting all the time!

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Expensive Brunette Hair vs. Translucent Brown Hair

Recent brunette hair trends deserve all the buzz they’re receiving. In addition to drawing attention to the world of brunette hair color, these hair trends are also informing the world about the perks of a dimensional brunette look. Brown hair doesn’t have to be boring, dull or made up of a single shade of hair color. Instead, it can be fun, exciting and full of light!

Though it’s nice to see these beautiful brunette hair trends popping up all over the internet, it’s easy to get one confused with another. When it comes to expensive brunette hair color vs. translucent brown hair color, there are definitely a few similarities. Both hair trends fall in the brunette color range and offer a refreshing and dimensional option for brunettes or brunette hopefuls to consider.

The expensive brunette trend is described as a hair look with rich, dark brown color as well as lighter tones and even dark blonde-inspired highlights. It includes the word “expensive” because it mimics the multi-shade color and highlighting techniques that are common in intricate blonde looks with a hefty price tag. However, the trend doesn’t necessarily involve a huge financial investment. Though expensive brunette hair color is a bit deeper and richer than translucent brown hair color, both looks typically involve the use of a salon developer to penetrate the hair cuticle and lighten the hair to the desired shade.

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How to Get Translucent Brown Hair

It’s important for clients to know what they want when it comes to translucent brown hair color. To prepare for their salon appointment, each client should do their research beforehand and save photos they can show their stylist before the appointment. Stylists should also prepare for the color appointment by making sure they have a solid grasp on the style, which techniques are involved and which salon tools and accessories are required. Stylists should make sure to have a pre-appointment consultation with their clients about the upcoming salon visit as well as their intended results.

The first step in the process of creating the perfect translucent brown hair look is deciding on a set of hair color shades. Once the stylist and the client have decided on brunette shades and a lighter highlight shade using swatch books, the stylist should lighten the hair to the desired shade if necessary before any hair color is deposited.

Brunette hair color should be applied all over the hair, whereas highlight shades should be concentrated on the top layers of hair — especially in those sections that fall directly around the face. After brunette hair color and highlight shades have been processed and the hair has been washed, stylists should give their clients a blowout that will showcase their new translucent brown hair color! Show off the beautiful dimension, shine and depth of the look by creating voluminous waves with lots of body.

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