Guide to how long does lash lifts last

How Long Does Lash Lifts Last? A Comprehensive Timeline

Just like lash extensions, lash lifts require a professional to perform. And although it may seem straightforward enough on Instagram, “lash lifts use legit chemicals that should only be handled by a trained professional,” says Starr.

How well you care for your lashes after the treatment will also affect how long they last.


How long does a lash tint last? Many factors go into how long a client’s lash lift will last, including how quickly their natural eyelashes grow, what they do straight after their lash lift, and even what they do for lash care in the following weeks. It’s best to remind clients to do simple prep before their lash lift, stick to a few guidelines immediately, and practice low-maintenance lash care in the following weeks to get the most extended lifespan from a lash lift.

During the treatment, an aesthetician will apply a nourishing lash perming lotion with keratin, sodium PCA, aloe vera, grapeseed oil, and glycerin to soften the lashes before they’re shaped into a curled appearance. They’ll also add a volumizer and tint to make the lashes appear fuller, thicker, and longer. The whole procedure should take 45 minutes or less; a client must close their eyes. The results usually last four to six weeks.


Like hair perms, lash lifts require 24-48 hours of no makeup and no water on your eye area. “If water or anything else gets on your lashes while the treatment is still setting, the results will be negatively affected,” warns Starr.

Your lash therapist will cleanse the area, then place a silicone pad on your eyelids with a gentle adhesive solution. The lash follicles are then combed over the pad and molded around the chosen curved shield, after which a lifting lotion is applied to break down the disulfide bonds that make your hair stronger, making it malleable.

It would help if you did not use mascara or curl your lashes during the first 24 hours after a lash lift because doing so can cause the lashes to kink. After that, it’s business as usual — but always remember to use oil-free makeup remover and avoid aggressively rubbing your lashes, advises Dr. Bajic. This will help your lashes retain their shape for longer.


People have been searching for ways to get longer, more voluminous eyelashes for decades. Many options have been, from mascara formulas to extensions and even drugs. But the delicate lashes around our eyes should be handled with care. It’s not a good idea to perm them with harsh chemicals and intense cosmetic procedures, says an ophthalmologist.

Instead, a lash lift is a more natural way to achieve the look of lush, full eyelashes. In this treatment, the lashes are lifted using a silicone rod. Then, a formula is applied to protect the lashes and help them stay lifted.

It’s essential to follow the lash lift technician’s recommendations for aftercare, like avoiding getting your lashes wet (including steam and swimming), using oil-free makeup remover, and not rubbing or sleeping with your face pressed against a pillow. These simple changes can affect how long the lash lift lasts. With the proper care, it can last up to 6 weeks.

Post-Procedure Care

Although there are a ton of at-home lash lift kits and viral videos, Starr says you should only get a lash lift done by an experienced professional because chemicals are being used close to your eyes. If makeup or water comes in contact with your lashes, it can ruin the lift and cause a chemical reaction.

During the treatment, your therapist will cleanse your eye area and then attach a silicone shield to your upper lid. They will then apply the odorless lash lift solution to your natural lashes, which curls them like a perm. A hydrating serum is then used to help the product set and harden.

Some lash lift services include a tint, which darkens your eyelashes for an added pop. But even without paint, your lashes will look brighter and more defined. After the treatment, you’ll want to avoid mascara and makeup for 48 hours to let your lashes fully settle into place. After that, you can use lash oil to nourish them.

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