Top chefs recommend the world’s best food holidays

Summer is almost here and there has never been a better time to try something new. Whether at home or abroad, a holiday is the perfect time to sample fresh, authentic cuisines and new dining experiences. For many holidaymakers, sampling a local dish or delicacy is a given, with food-centric holidays more popular than ever.

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‘Food holidays’ emphasise sampling the most authentic dining the area has to offer. Below are suggestions from some of the world’s top chefs on where you might consider taking a food holiday, so take your taste buds on the journey of a lifetime.

1) Seoul, South Korea

South Korea is well known for its heady mix of culture, cinema and technology; in addition, the cuisine is exceptional. Korean barbecue is enjoying a surge in popularity in the US and the UK, with ingredients such as pork, seafood and kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) especially common. Korean food was recently featured on BBC Good Food’s rising world cuisines list, so Seoul is an obvious choice.

2) Queenstown, New Zealand

New Zealand has breathtaking natural beauty, with the cuisine relying heavily on the bounty of nature. Fresh, seasonal ingredients such as organic lamb, herbs and vegetables take centre stage. New Zealand wines are also becoming exceptionally trendy and affordable.

3) Dublin, Ireland

Arguably one of the world’s liveliest cities, Dublin has a spirited, hearty cuisine. The cosmopolitan city boasts a range of world cuisines alongside traditional Irish dishes. Italian is an especially popular cuisine; for example, is an instantly recognisable restaurant in Dublin. Be sure to follow a hearty meal with a pint of authentic Guinness.

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4) Mexico City, Mexico

The vibrant Mexican capital boasts colourful locals and a colourful cuisine to match. Mexican food remains amongst the most popular in the world, with travellers keen to try it in its most authentic state. Street food is especially popular and can be eaten on the go. Try a pulled pork or sweet potato taco with fresh lime and salsa.

5) Stockholm, Sweden

This sleek and sophisticated Swedish town has a rebellious side. Nordic cuisine is a hot topic for its fresh twist on historic dishes, such as pickled fish, sea vegetables, and venison. For flair and a unique dining experience, Stockholm is hard to match.

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