Before You Hire A Skip

Whether you’re planning a clear-out, a garage conversion, a total re-build or an extension – a skip is going to be a vital piece of equipment in that process. Hiring a skip should be the first consideration as it will need to be in place before projects begin for preparing and gutting the area before work gets underway. So, what size skips are available?

Mini Skip – this is a 2-cubic yard skip which is the smallest available and holds around 40 black bin bags of stuff. This is the best option for small-scale clearances and garden waste.

Midi Skip – at 4-cubic yards, this will hold the double the black bags of the mini skip. Suitable for small clearances, garden waste and small home projects, it’s the ideal choice for properties where space is limited for the positioning of a skip. For Skip Hire Swansea, visit

Builder Skip – this is a 6-cubic yard capacity skip which will hold around 120 black bags. This is ideal for most home renovation projects such as kitchen or bathroom refits and extensions. Can take soil, rubble and hardcore.

Big Skips – these come in at 10 or 12-cubic yards and are perfect for larger projects, although still only for light household waste and not hardcore.

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Where can a skip go?

A lot will depend on the size of the skip but there are two choices – on your property or on the road outside your property. There needs to be adequate space for the lorry to deliver the skip and collect it again. These skip lorries are wide and need ample space to manoeuvre.

Will I need a Permit?

If you intend to place the skip on a public highway due to lack of property space, then you will need a local council permit. This is usually easy to take care of and only gets complicated if the skip is particularly large or the placement of the skip affects a parking bay. Give yourself plenty of time to plan ahead as the permit can take a few days to sort out. You don’t want to run the risk of receiving fines or neighbour complaints. There is a charge for the permit from the local council.


Consider your requirements and needs before ordering a skip as it’s important to get one big enough for your needs. An overloaded skip will not be collected as it breaks regulations. Weight is another consideration. Bags of soil are going to weigh more than bags of household material. Skips must be loaded at a certain level to be safe on the roads.

Types of Waste

Another point to consider is the type of waste that you want to dispose of. Some waste cannot be placed into a skip and these include – solvents, paints, tyres, monitors, televisions, fridge freezers etc. Always check what is permitted before placing it in the skip. Anything considered hazardous to people or the environment will not be permitted in a skip.


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