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Tips For Decreasing Your Cost Per Lead

Decreasing your cost per lead is a time-consuming process that requires a vast amount of tweaking to improve, but it is not an impossible task. In this article, we will be providing you with some of our top tips to help you crease your cost per lead, regardless of whether you are using a PPC London agency or completing the work in the house.

Opt For Phrase Match Keywords

Phrase match keywords are great for targeting specific audiences, particularly when working within a crowded market as this will ensure that your ad appears within a specific search result. Though you may have to target a number of keywords to gain the traffic that you would gain from organic SEO, this will provide you with the leads that you want almost instantly, regardless of the keyword that you are looking to target.

Implement A/B Testing

In addition to targeting keywords, it is important to implement A/B testing. Though this is a process that can take time, testing the ad copy before implementing it will help to see the click-through rate beforehand. Whichever comes out on top during the A/B testing can then be used to create the perfect campaign with a higher success rate. This can, therefore, help to reduce the cost per lead as this will ensure that every lead you gain is willing to covert as a result. This is crucial for a business as this will ensure that your business Can make back investment over time.

Target People Based Off Of Behaviour

If you are looking to reduce the amount of wasted time, then targeting potential leads based off of behaviour will have the best possible outcome. Not only will this allow your Google ad to pop up when a relevant keyword is searched, but this is also likely to increase the click-through rate without an additional cost. This is great for businesses big and small as these links that are generated are much more likely to convert, therefore sales will be increased, and the business will then benefit in terms of annual revenue.

Stop Spending Money On A Low Performing Keywords

If you are new to PPC and are currently playing it safe with low performing keywords, it may be time to spend this money elsewhere. By using this additional funding to bid for higher more relevant keywords, you are likely to see a payoff that will benefit you as a business. However, this is something that will require planning and maintenance throughout the course of the ad duration as it will need to be optimised for the best possible results. If you find that this is not working out for you in terms of leads, this can then be adapted to work for your business.

Whether you are currently running the PPC campaign yourself or you are looking to outsource a PPC project to ensure the best possible results, there are a number of ways that you can decrease your cost per lead without harming the campaign.

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