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The Most Delicious Foods that Lower Cholesterol

Everybody is concerned with their cholesterol level these days and the way it can impact a person’s overall health. If you visit your doctor while being overweight, you can almost be certain that he will mention the dangers of high cholesterol. While there are many high cholesterol foods to avoid, a person can also benefit from eating certain foods that will lower cholesterol levels as well.

You can look all over the Internet for lists of foods that lower cholesterol and find plenty of items. The problem lies in the fact that many foods that lower cholesterol don’t taste that great at all. Let’s face the facts if you have high cholesterol levels that you are probably used to eating a lot of unhealthy high-fat foods. Turning to a diet of pure grain is unlikely to be realistic. It will take some time to develop new eating habits and is also important to find healthy foods that taste great in the process. Here are some foods that lower cholesterol that are both delicious and healthy. If you enjoy this information you might also like these high cholesterol foods to avoid.

Delicious Foods that Lower Cholesterol

Avocados – avocados are extremely high in calories so you have to eat them in moderation, but they are also deliciously healthy.  You can put them on salads, in burgers, and of course, the wonderful concoction is known as guacamole.

Olive Oil – olive oil is a delicious replacement for vegetable oil that offers a unique flavor and also heart-helping abilities.  Whereas you have to be more careful using other types of oil, you can be quite liberal when using olive oil on anything from salads to pasta.

Salmon – who doesn’t love salmon? It can be grilled, barbecued, steamed or even eaten raw as sashimi.  Salmon is easy to prepare and as long as you don’t overcook it’s very hard to mess up any great salmon recipe.  Better yet it contains a lot of what is considered good cholesterol that helps your body to get rid of the bad type.

Walnuts or almonds – most people find themselves looking for something to snack on during the course of a regular day.  A healthy alternative has always been sitting right in front of you in the form of walnuts and almonds.  When it comes to foods that lower cholesterol these two types of nuts are very high in omega 3s which is a term that is synonymous with that type of food you should be seeking out.

Garlic –while it might not make your breath smell that great, garlic is the perfect accompaniment that can also be used to replace a lot of the salt in your diet.  Garlic also has anti-bacterial properties and is just good for your health overall.  It’s very easy to use in any of your favorite recipes, and is entirely capable of taking your favourite dish to the next culinary level.

Oatmeal –stick with oatmeal for breakfast and avoid those high sugar-content cereals that might also be made of hydrogenated facts.  Oatmeal goes perfectly with fresh fruits and the texture itself gives an interesting touch to your daily diet. Foods to lower cholesterol don’t get much more basic and wholesome than this.

Blueberries – Blueberries are a delicious treat that can be enjoyed on their own or added to things like whole-grain cereal or fruit salads.  They are naturally sweet and tangy at the same time, and there’s nothing like a blueberry in season.

Grapes – almost all fruits can be considered good for cholesterol in that they won’t raise your levels, but when it comes to grapes they are a delicious fruit that will help to lower your cholesterol levels.  In general, the darker the grape the better, and this is one reason why red wine (in moderation) has been shown to have health benefits as well.

Broccoli –alright, so it’s debatable whether or not broccoli can be considered delicious since some people really hate the stuff.  And sometimes trying to get your kids to eat it can be in quite a difficult chore.  But if you happen to enjoy broccoli then you can eat as much of it as you like and rest assured that you’re getting an extremely healthy side dish.

Soy – the element of soy is not a common part of most American diets.  And for some people, soy related products don’t seem that attractive at all.  But if prepared properly or tried in one of its many tasty incarnations, soy can be completely delicious and surprising to your palate, and it should definitely be on any list of foods that lower cholesterol.

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