Foot care tips to follow for healthy feet

Tips for Foot Care

Often we do not realize that the welfare of our feet is key to health and beauty, and we tend to neglect them. The feet are a sensitive area of our body, so we pay special attention to their care.

Damaged feet affect our quality of life, And so here are some Tips to keep healthy and beautiful:

• Wash your feet daily with warm water and mild soap, then dry thoroughly with a towel and apply cream moisturizer gently massaging. We recommend doing this at night for the cream to act more effectively.

• Cut toenails straight but not too much, because the nails too short can be cut into the skin causing wounds, especially the corners. You have to file them with some files or emery board since the metal can damage them.

• Use comfortable shoes and appropriate for each activity. Tight shoes or too large produces friction and foot injuries. It is advisable to have at least two pairs of shoes to alternate them, and when it comes to new shoes, it is slowly wearing them breaking in two hours a day maximum during the first two weeks. It is also advisable not to abuse the heels. If the person is physically active, choosing the right kind of running shoes is very important as well.

• During summer, apply sunscreen if we are to wear shoes that leave your feet in the open or we go to the beach. The area is very sensitive to sun exposure, however, we often neglect.

• Be careful with home remedies for ailments of the feet. Sometimes self-treatment may aggravate the problem. In case of being a persistent pain is necessary to go to a podiatrist, and if it is a person with diabetes or circulation problems, it is important to make regular doctor visits but did not suffer pain.

• Use pumice Foot showing calluses. This eliminates dead cells and roughness. It is essential to wash the stone before and after use.

• Anti-odor, apply deodorant products daily. But should only be used antifungal powders, if fungal infection, since otherwise, it disrupts the natural defense system of the skin.

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