Three Walks That You Can Enjoy Near Ripon this Winter

Although the weather is a bit more on the chilly side at this time of the year, around the festive season we have a bit of time to spend enjoying the company of family and relaxing. Walking in the countryside at this time of year is lovely – the enchanting feel of the frost and snow, and the cool misty mornings all make this a great time to wrap up warm and get outdoors.

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Somewhere that is a good base if you are hoping to enjoy some festive country walks is Ripon – you can see here that there are lots of things to do in Ripon and it is surrounded by beautiful countryside, where you can enjoy walks such as these…

Malham Tarn – This is a lovely walk as it includes both plenty of history and relaxing natural views across the lake. There is an abundance of wildlife here too, and you could see kingfishers or even otters whilst strolling in this beautiful area.

Fountains Abbey – As well as being home a deer park, where you may be lucky enough to see the deer in the frosty fields, it is also a walk which incorporates many ancient trees of the area. The countryside here is picture perfect and beautiful all year round.

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Hardcastle – This walk is full of wildlife and natural beauty, but also a great walk to spot parts of the industrial side of Yorkshire that helped shape the region. The old railway is a main feature of this walk.

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