Different types of Vacuum conveyors

If you have a large warehouse or industrial unit, you can spend lots of time transporting ingredients from one area to another, you might want to look at the benefits of Vacuum conveying like that offered by https://www.aptech.uk.com/pneumatic-conveying-systems/vacuum-conveying. These systems allow for items to be moved across vast areas in a quick and easy manner whilst also maintaining hygiene both inside and outside of the conveyor.

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There are a number of different vacuum conveying systems that you can use, and here is a quick overview of some of them.

Dilutes phase – You will generally find these in the food, agricultural and chemical industries. They are favoured because they can move hazardous materials at high speed. However, as the products are carried in a vacuum, the chances of toxic material escaping are significantly reduced. The products are sent at high speed, so they need to be robust enough to take this.

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Dense phase – The dense phase works in a different way to the dilutes. Here, a controlled vacuum is used to move the products at a low velocity. This is known as moving “packets” of materials. This allows the system to move fragile items safely. It also allows the operator to give space between the packets for damage avoidance and safety. It also provides the option of moving more oversized objects as well.

Vacuum belt – This is not enclosed like the Dense and Dilute system. They are used for the open transport of items. However, the vacuum part is incorporated by the perforated belts. A vacuum is created underneath that “sucks” the product and holds it down. This means it can be used for higher inclines.

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