Three Carpet Stain Removal Tips

Oops! No matter what type of stain or spill, whether it is a present from a pet or an accident with a glass of red, there will be a method of removing the offending mark. Most carpet stains can be lifted using ingredients that you might already have in your house, but for stubborn stains that can’t be removed you can always contact a professional carpet cleaner.

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Removing a Stain Yourself

To remove a stain yourself at home, you should blot the spill using kitchen paper towel or an old tea towel. According to leading carpet retailer CarpetRight, you should soak up the liquid as much as you can from the outside to the inside, rinse with cold water, then blot the stain again. You should never scrub your carpet, as you could damage the delicate fibres or risk pushing the spill through to the underneath, causing smells and rotting the underlay.

To remove alcohol, coffee or tea or urine, try a solution of vinegar and detergent, blotting and rinsing as above.

For chocolate, blood, glue, egg, milk and vomit, use a detergent solution, rinse, then use an ammonia solution, rinsing and blotting after each application.

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For fats, chewing gum, shoe polish and oil, scrape up what you can with a blunt knife, then apply a dry cleaning solution followed by a solution of vinegar and detergent, again blotting and rinsing as you go.

Stubborn Stains

Perhaps you have moved into a property with some stains that are already on the carpet. Maybe your carpet is made of a delicate fibre such as wool. Perhaps no amount of lifting or blotting has removed your stain. You may want to try a professional service such as a Gloucester carpet cleaning company to remove it for you.

Even if you don’t have any spillages, a Cheltenham Carpet Cleaning Company will advise that a carpet should be professionally cleaned once every year to 18 months. A good deep clean will freshen your carpets and kill bacteria and you will be surprised how fantastic they look afterwards.

We can’t guarantee the complete success of our methods without knowing the material of your carpet or the exact nature of the stain, but hopefully after reading our tips, you will be able to find a solution to removing your stain.

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