The best alternatives to Mejortorrent

Many have been the pages that have had to face sanctions related to the laws that protect the content that is shared on the Internet. Among those sites is MejorTorrent, this has caused it not to work regularly or have to change domain. That is why users who perform P2P downloads are constantly looking for alternatives to MejorTorrent. Above all, to know where to go, in case it does not work.

Alternatives To Mejortorrent

The download of torrent files has grown exponentially, to meet this demand, various sites have emerged that seek to meet the demands of users. It is a system that allows you to download movies, series, music, programs, games, books, among others.

Generally, a program like uTorrent or BiTorrent is used, to name the most popular. These allow the content to be downloaded through the transfer protocol. BetterTorrent works under this modality. In fact, it is considered a very popular portal and one of the best. Despite this, he has had to face the authorities, which has caused him to change his domain frequently or remain absent.

Although it is currently active, it is not exempt from presenting problems later, it is, therefore, necessary to take notes of other alternatives to BetterTorrent, such as those mentioned below:

It is a very varied page where you can download Torrents, without any complications. Also, its process is fast. Among the files that can be downloaded are series, games, books, anime.

This site is very popular because in its gallery you can find that old and little known software that you have been looking for for a long time. Although it is blocked for some countries, it can be fixed with a VPN. It is characterized by a download speed of 2.8 MB / s. It requires a simple registration process to access the downloads.

It is considered one of the good alternatives to MejorTorrent. What stands out the most about this site is its extensive gallery, it exceeds seven million Torrents. Also, the most important thing is that they are verified. It is a search engine that contains files with metadata.

What I like best about this page is that you do not need registration or log in to proceed to download. It has a very categorized interface. It also has a news section so that users can share the news of the site. You can find Torrents of music, movies, books, among others.

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It is an excellent page to be considered in the list of the best alternatives to BitTorrent. What stands out the most about this site is its organized interface. It presents through its gallery sections ordered by news, movie gallery, games, music, programs, TV shows, movies, among others.

One point in favor of this site is that it has a Top 10 section, which allows users to get an idea of ​​the most popular torrents. Also, it gives the possibility that the user can make comments and interact with the community. The average download speed is 6.1 MB / s. To use it, it will be necessary to use a VPN or previously install a program to download the torrent file, such as µTorrent or BitTorrent


It is one of the most popular sites to download torrents. Its great boom is due to the variety of its gallery. In addition, its platform is simple, easy to use, without complications. Its sections include:

  • Section to download movies, with more than 2,060,656 torrents.
  • Television shows, with 2,470,371 torrents.
  • Music, with 803,183 torrents.
  • Games, with 352,307 torrents.
  • Applications, with 898,701 torrents.
  • Anime, with 578,473 torrents.
  • Other files: 7,243,418 torrents.
  • The top section, to view the most popular downloads.
  • Custom search option.

The pirate bay

It is one of the few platforms that does not abuse advertising, it has very few pop-ups. The platform is very well organized, to easily search torrent files. In the same way, it has a section for immediate and personalized search, it will not be necessary to register or spend long hours looking for a file.

Also, it is sorted by categories. Contains a list of the most recent torrents included. The Top 100 section will give you an idea of ​​the most popular files. Another aspect that stands out is the usefulness of tags, which serve to identify trusted files. In medium mode, it has a download speed of 6.2 MB / s.


It is a good alternative to download torrents. Allows you to download movies, program files. It is considered a page with very good audio and video quality. In addition, it has subtitles with the preferred language.

Its platform is of great help for users since it does not have much protocol and it is easy to use. The menu is organized by categories, this makes it possible to access the preferred genre. It has ads that could be a bit annoying in the browsing process. However, it can be solved with a good program to block the ads.


It is an excellent alternative to download torrents. Its platform is very easy to use, just by accessing the personalized search you can put the name of the file you want to access. It also has different alternative domains. Among the aspects that stand out most of this site are:

  • Most popular movie gallery, updated in the last 24 hours. In fact, it is possible to filter with the most popular on the day, on the week.
  • Top 100, to choose from the most outstanding downloads.
  • Files for applications, series, anime, documentaries, music, television programs, adult films, among others.


It corresponds to a group of platforms with different domains. Contains a large number of files to download. For its use, it is advisable to use a VPN. Its interface is simple, the torrent can be accessed by personalized search or by the sections of:

  • Latest torrents added.
  • News section with news related to the management of the platform and files.
  • Registration option to belong to the community and interact with social networks.


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