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12 strategies to grow your business

A business or company is any activity where there is an exchange of goods and/or services with the objective of satisfying a need (of the consumer) and obtaining a profit (a favorite of the entrepreneur or owner of the business or the company). If there is no exchange of needs, there cannot be a business.

For example, if there are no people willing to buy the sausages produced by the company it is likely that the owner stopped producing them or simply would not have started the business or company because the end of the entrepreneur is the generation of profits. Continue Reading Optimizing Small Business Houses with Prudent Managerial Attributes

To start a business or company we must first identify what kind of worker we are. For this, we must leave behind certain mental and cultural barriers that can hinder our creativity to generate strategies to grow your business.

strategies to grow your businessA business plan is an opportunity that gives you the sense of fighting from the market competition and helps you to develop your communication level with the people around you whether it a new business or a company

You have to put a lot of energy to move forward an enterprise. Especially in the time, when many traders complain that sales fall and billing decreases daily.

However, there is another group of lucky people who always seem to be doing well and their businesses are thriving. Every day they get more customers and sell without stopping. For making your business successful follows the 12 strategies that we will explain below.

They work in undertakings of all sizes and categories it is the best quality of them. In addition, they are very easy to understand and simple to implement, click here for more ideas and innovations. Continue Reading 5 common mistakes of social media marketing in small businesses

Strategies to grow your business: Satisfy the customer 

Make the customer feel that they are paying a low price this tactic always works. It consists, at the time of making the sale, talk about other similar products (may be from the competition) whose value is much higher than the price of what you want to sell. Next, you have to reveal to the customer the price of what you want to sell. Said price, of course, should be much lower.

For example, if you have an optician and you want to sell a client a pair of luxury glasses, which cost the US $ 1,000, before revealing the cost, you could mention that the cost of laser eye surgery is more than the US $ 20,000. Continue reading business ideas for teens.

strategies to grow your businessAnd that’s not to mention that surgery can bring physical problems in case they do it wrong. Your task here will be to convince the client that for a much smaller amount he would have solved his vision problem and the sale will be closed alone.

For encouraging customer yourself make your customers call and help them according to any problem with the product you sell, try to build a friendship with your customers.

Sometimes customer change positions or company for the same product, so keep in touch. Contact at least current and former customers regarding tell the launch of new products.

Strategies to grow your business: Be unique

Find a basic advantage 10 to 30 times higher than the competition to dominate your actions. The founder of Happy Lawn, based in Philadelphia, innovated a method to close agreements in minutes instead of weeks, employing a process of property planning and price adjustment. Continue Reading Marketing Strategy for Business Growth

strategies to grow your businessHow can you achieve it? Look for the greatest restrictions on prices and time and put conventional thinking to the test in those areas of the business.

Strategies to grow your business: Become an expert in your area

This tactic is very important and will ensure many sales: you have to know your work area better than anyone else. Customers have to perceive you as a true expert in your field; you must handle your products or services better than anyone else.

The idea behind this tactic is very simple and powerful: if you are perceived as an expert in the area, customers will value your opinion much more, will trust and, as a result, will be more willing to buy your products and not those of the competition.

Strategies to grow your business: Evaluate social media strategy

Everyone is using social media, but it might be time to add something new. Think about creating a podcast. Facebook and Instagram are the fastest growing social platforms, and people spend more time there.

Live video streaming is really coming too. Do not be overwhelmed; choose a new thing to add to your social media mix. Whether you are doing an e-commerce business, selling professional services or in retail, you must use social networks to attract potential customers.

strategies to grow your businessMoreover, fill the digital space with blogs, informative documents, and videos on YouTube and messages on Twitter that are consistent with your phrase. Creating a blog is easier than creating a website, and smarter too.

Then, write regularly on topics related to your business, and what you are doing. You will begin to connect with other bloggers, business people, and potential customers.

Strategies to grow your business: Market development

The focus of this strategy is to reach segments that are not customers of the company, keeping current products. It may be to reach a new type of consumer through marketing actions or by geographical expansion, given by the export or opening of new branches, as the case may be.

Strategies to grow your business: Control the money

Growth absorbs money, so you must create a business model that drives your expansion without using external capital. Some strategies are gift cards, advanced payments, tighter collection practices and shorter sales and delivery cycles.

To maintain focus, look at your cash position day after day. They will sleep better knowing that their company can finance their own growth.

Strategies to grow your business: Put the client in a prominent place

Many people believe that the best sales strategies consist of talking in detail about the product or service and only after having the customer interested to reveal the price. A good tactic to increase billing is to do the reverse and start talking about the customer.

strategies to grow your businessTell him clearly that this item is for a certain type of person, and if he thinks he will use it and take advantage of all the benefits, and then it is in his best interest to know the price and buy it.

If the client feels an emotional connection with your product or service if he feels that it is exactly for people like him, in that case, you will have the sale won.

Strategies to grow your business: Develop a new sales funnel

You must have a way to capture an email address in order to nurture and educate a potential customer and then sell something to them.

Take advantage of email marketing tools, such as Benchmark, to set up a sales funnel through a series of auto-reply emails that leave on the selected dates after someone downloads a free offer from your website. You should develop a new sales funnel by 2018 before the end of the year.

Strategies to grow your business: Develop Best Website

Your website is the display of your business which helps you to increase your sales and more people are watching it on a mobile device.

First, you must make sure that your website is simple and attractive for all mobile devices (that is, has a responsive design). It is much more than having a receptive site. Take a look at the navigation of your website. How many options are there? How fast does your site load? Are your calls to action simple to see on your mobile?

strategies to grow your businessIt may be time to invest in mobile SEO. It may not be necessary to conduct a full review, but the use of the mobile phone is very important, so make sure your website communicates with the visitors of the mobile device.

Strategies to grow your business: Product development

It consists of offering new products to current customers, thus increasing the total volume of sales. For example, a bakery can add pizzas, empanadas, and desserts to its product portfolio, or add tables in its premises and offer cafeteria service. In this way, it is sought that customers who already know the business dedicate a larger budget.

Strategies to grow your business: Invest in online ads

Paid ads are now a necessary marketing method. There are many options for Retargeting, Google Ad Words Express, Facebook Ads, Mobile SEO and mobile ads are the main things to consider in 2018.

strategies to grow your businessAlways try your campaign first and then invest in a longer campaign. Some platforms, such as Facebook, allow you to target your existing email list or website visitors, allowing you to stay in front of them all over the Internet.

Using advertising on a daily basis, maintaining a direct contact with the community, providing them with information of interest is a perfect plan.

Strategies to grow your business: Do not wait for the right moment

Sure it has happened to you that you want to start a project and you think: “it’s excellent when it’s time I’ll do it” It happens that this moment does not arrive and what you wanted to do remains in the list of pending projects. Here apply the above points; by following those you can make your business successful.

If you do not do it and postpone the moment, you may never do it. I recommend that before listening to the opinions or comments of others listen to your own instincts and knowledge and take advantage of the opportunity.

The process will help you think about what you can do better, and set your business goals for 2018.


Hi, I am Maria John; I am an entrepreneur, mother, mentor, and adventurer passionate about life. At this moment, I am working with depression and anxiety.

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