Sorting out the Garage

If, like me, you have the contender for the world most untidy Garage that’s probably not an award that you’d like to receive. Whilst its nice to suppose that there may be some hidden treasure in there its probably unlikely that there is unless you actually organise the place. You never know, you may even be able to get the car in.

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Worry not, for help is at hand! One of the easiest solutions is Garage Shelving. Once you’ve got some up then it should be a simple task of getting the stuff off the floor and onto the shelves. Easier said than done I know. It’s a good idea to take a look at this company as they can provide you with a lot of solutions to this annoying problem

Ok, once you’ve got the amount of shelving in mind let’s take a look at the types of things that are in the garage and where we can store them.

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  1. Things for the car. This could be Anti-freeze, coolant and screen wash, plus oil and brake fluid. If you’re the keen type you may well have some spares like spark plugs and tyres too. Ideally this needs to be on the top shelf away from prying eyes and little hands but remember that you’ll be needing this stuff more than anything else, especially if the car ends up in the garage.
  2. Garden Furniture. The immediate solution would be to get a Garden shed but that’s just going to get filled full of junk so perhaps we can rule that out. Whilst you may not get a table on, flat packed chairs will fit nicely.
  3. A tumble dryer or chest freezer. You really cannot leave this on a concrete floor. They need to be raised up so that they can “breathe”. The bottom of the shelving unit can make a great home for them and you can add another shelf to store the washing basket above it.
  4. Bikes and scooters. If you have kids or are a cyclist, then this gives you the perfect option to store the smaller bike and scooters. With these cumbersome items out of the way you will have a lot more room. It also means that you can store lights, spare tyres, repair kits and helmets so they don’t end up lost in the house when you come to use them.
  5. Garden tools. Again, whilst it might be an idea to invest in a shed if that’s not possible then this shelving solution should provide you with an alternative. Spades, rakes and the hose will fit perfectly.
  6. Christmas decorations. No need to risk your neck climb up the ladder in the loft. Keeping them out here might prove a safer way.

Plenty to think on there. Get in that garage and start planning.

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