Simple and Easy April Fools Pranks to Try

April first is THAT one day every year where you are allowed to mess around, and you wouldn’t get in trouble for it. It is the day that the heavens allotted it for all the pranks and laughs! Would you miss an opportunity and let this day pass without any gimmick? Hell no! But again, since everyone sees gags coming during this day, you have to be extra better each year. You don’t want to keep making cliches each time, do you? But what if, as much as you want to make solid pranks – it’s pretty challenging to do so? Because you know – life. You may be busy with your job or other responsibilities that leave you no time for a bit of fooling around.

Don’t worry, and we got you with this! Pranks are meant to be fun, and to pull off the perfect one doesn’t need to be complicated. Pranks can be as plain as a piece of paper and still be best at doing their purpose.

With that, we listed down eight easy and simple prank ideas to do for April Fools Day:

1.   Fake Roaches

Suppose you want something simple and terrifying; you can add fake roaches to any food you know your victim will reach for! You can get these little creepy crawlies for sale on Amazon. Just make sure to give it an allowance to be delivered before April 1. You can offer them their favorite chips and add a fake cockroach inside. You can add it to their dinner plate, soup bowl, etc.! It would be priceless to see them jump in surprise when they see their unexpected guest!

Note: if you’re going to put these things on their food, make sure to wash them first, okay? You don’t want to add unnecessary dirt and bacteria to their diet. Keep it clean, friends!

2. Jello Cocktails

Are you having guests over for April Fools? We understand that being a host is not easy. Besides making pranks, you also need to prepare food and refreshments for your visitors. But what if you can do both? All you need to do is get colored Jello, place them inside cocktail glasses like the natural cool drinks they are, and solidify. Once your friends or family arrive, they would think you are a peach for offering them such excellent drinks – until the contents won’t even go down when they try to gulp it down.

3. Mentos Ice Bombs

One day, science just decided that when you put mentos in a can or a bottle of soda, it will make the contents explode. That’s science, and we can’t argue with that. Add little mentos candies into your ice cube trays, add the water and let it freeze. Once you have visitors coming over on April 1st and want a soda – be hospitable enough to give them ice to go with their drink. It will surely provide them with a blast! Who knows? Once you take a picture of them, it could make a hilarious april fools meme.

4. Prank Call

Whoever said that prank calls are soooo last decade probably hasn’t heard of legendary prank apps available on iOS and Android. Our personal favorite of all the prank apps on the internet is Ownage Prank’s prank calling app. What it does is collects your information and hides it all under an unknown number so that your number will not be easily distinguished when you make the call. What else? You won’t need voice acting workshops either because professional voice actors deliver many pre-made prank scripts available on the app. Cool, huh?

5. Lotion on Door Knob

It is as simple as it sounds, put a generous amount of lotion in your roommate or your sibling’s doorknob and watch them funnily struggle to open their doors! If you want to add two pranks in one, you can think of a way to mess with them as they sleep, and when they try to get you, immediately close the door. You know they wouldn’t open it easily! Plain, but inevitably hilarious.

6. Fruit Juice Shower Prank

Like the last number, you can do this if you live with someone you want to mess with. Know exactly when they will shower. Is it what they do first thing in the morning, or is it what they do before sleeping? Once you know this, it is easy to find the right timing in putting powdered fruit juice like Kool-Aid in their shower. A sweet and fruity surprise awaits them!

Do you need some plumbing job before pulling this prank off? You need to keep in mind these considerations before hiring a plumber during a pandemic. You can read it here.

7.  Nail Polish on Soap

This is another awesome prank to do in the shower or the washing sink. Let their soap dry before you add clear nail polish around it. Make sure you won’t miss a spot because even a little could make suds! Put it back in the shower or the sink once it’s dry and watch them wash their hands while being confused why there are no suds.

Remember to replace the soap with a new one once the prank is over! Handwashing is essential, especially during a global pandemic like this.

8. Baby Oil on Toes

This is one of the meanest (yet funniest) things you could do to a sleeping friend. Once you see them asleep, put baby oil on their toes and watch them battle their subconscious as they attempt to remove it all through the night. Ask them how they sleep the following day as if you still don’t know the answer!

And these are the eight simple yet effective April Fools pranks ideas you can try next time. Don’t blame us if these are too good for your liking! Ensure your limits, keep things harmless, and have loads of fun!

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