City Riding 2021

Best Bikes for City Riding 2021

With the spring in full bloom and summer around the bend, people are beginning to think about outdoor activities. It’s time to turn off the television and embrace nature, and what better way than cycling. While most cyclists would likely enjoy a trip to national parks or trails, you don’t have to go on any fancy excursions to enjoy a nice ride. Pick up one of the best city bikes and start a new daily routine, there are several bike styles to choose from.

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Electric Bike

Some of the newest bicycle models on the market include electric bikes. The ebike industry took massive strides in recent years with significant consumer interest. Whether you are looking for the best ebike for delivery or an electric bike for commuting, these allow for quick travel and long distances. The average bike can reach speeds of more than 15 mpg and distances between 20 and 30 miles on a single charge — and that is on charge alone, not pedaling.

City Bike

If you are looking for a casual ride, consider a city bike. With raised handlebars and a lower seat, the bike allows the rider to sit in an upright position rather than with their head down in their handlebars. These bikes are also ideal for casual riders because chain guards allow for regular clothing to be worn. While these bikes are not ideal for difficult terrain, the standard single-speed configuration should be enough for city riding.

Hybrid Bike

When riding in the city, you often want the speed of a road bike but the comfort of something larger, like a mountain bike. Hybrid bikes offer the best of both worlds, taking the riding position of the mountain bike and pairing it with the lightweight frame of the road bike. While you might not want to take any long excursions on a hybrid, these bikes are more than capable of getting you around town.

Road Bike

Road bikes are about speed and level riding. By design, these bikes are well-suited to city riding, especially when cities prohibit riding on sidewalks and have mandatory bike lanes in the roadways. The dropped handlebars allow for a more aerodynamic approach, helping to boost speed with little effort. If you’re looking for a bike that offers a quick ride from point A to Point B, a road bike is likely your best option.

Touring Bike

How much time do you plan to spend on your bike? Are you the type to pack up a picnic and ride to a remote location just outside the city, or are you looking to run errands and pick up groceries? If you want a versatile bike, capable of long hauls and heavy loads, a touring is what you’re after. With their durable frames and comfortable riding position, a touring bike will allow you to spend full days riding comfortably.

Mountain Bike

With its rugged frame and sporty design, many people assume that a mountain bike is only good for offroading, but that is not true. Mountain bikes, like tourings, are versatile and durable machines. Whether your just look to commute to work or go exploring outside the city, a mountain bike has you covered.

Are you ready for a new bike? Head over to your local bike shop for a test ride.

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