Silicone rubber

Silicone rubber: the advantages and disadvantages

Silicone rubber has many advantages and disadvantages, and whether this is an ideal material for your needs depends on the intended usage. Silicone rubber is resilient, highly durable and very flexible, but there are a few disadvantages, including cost.

Silicone rubber

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Silicone rubber can be used for many things, but the main use of this material is for insulation. It can be made with different compounds including liquid silicone rubber and fluorosilicone silicone rubber. A type of composite silicone rubber can be created in many colours and used for different purposes.

Liquid Silicone Rubber

Silicone can be added to a compound to make the product stronger and more durable. Liquid silicone rubber can be pumped to generate heat and solidify to form a silicone rubber mould. In fact, the designer Jane ni Dhulchaointigh created a silicone rubber that can be moulded to any shape and hardens overnight.

Silicone rubber is resistant to other chemicals, so it does not tend to react, making it a stable choice chemically. It also has no taste or smell, and its translucency makes it easy to add your own choice of colour. It can be used safely with acid and alkali substances, with solvents and other chemicals as well as with oil and water. It will not easily corrode.

Flexibility and Durability

It is highly flexible and durable. The substance is solid and reliable and can withstand repeated and lengthy use without damage. It is flexible because it contains a range of compounds that will mix easily while not being flammable or toxic. If using as a mould, silicone rubber can survive at different temperatures.

Silicone rubber

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This material can be used in a painted area and with electricals and mechanical elements in a range of temperatures and remain safe. There are many uses for silicone rubber. Silicone hose is easy to buy from many stockists both online and offline, such as

There are a few negative aspects of silicone rubber. It can become costly to use a lot of silicone rubber. It is also not always attractive in appearance. Silicone rubber has a high level of viscosity and creates a lot of resistance, which can create air bubbles that can get stuck inside the rubber. Silicone rubber is also sensitive to certain substances like sulfur clay, which can stop the silicone from curing.

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